Benefits & Growth

As a part of Prudential Singapore, our employees are entitled to a range of benefits for their well-being as well as their family’s. There are various opportunities for personal growth and development, including talent and leadership programmes. Each year, we provide recognition to deserving individuals for their contributions throughout the year, ensuring dedication and hard work are rewarded.

Employee Benefits & Rewards

Unique employee benefits

Prudential offers valuable benefits to ensure the holistic well-being of employees and their families.
We have enhanced our benefits package with the following:

  • Flex dollars: Employees are allocated Flex dollars annually for the purchase of optional benefits and/or claim reimbursement of expenses such as vacation, personal upgrading, children’s education, or even medical bills incurred by family members.
  • PruCare leave: Employees can utilise PruCare leave to look after sick parents, spouses or children should they fall ill. Employees with children can also utilise this as child care leave until their children reach 18 years of age. In addition, PruCare leave can be used to perform voluntary or social work.
  • Medi and Health dollars: Medi dollars are allocated annually for employees’ medical outpatient and specialist co-payments. Employees can also use Health dollars to subsidise their yearly health screening expenses.
  • Birthday off: Prudential also grants a birthday off to each employee in the month of their birthday to celebrate this special day with their loved ones.

Various development opportunities

  • At Prudential, we believe in the potential of our employees and work with them to unleash their potential. To facilitate personal growth and development, Prudential offers education financial sponsorships, sponsored courses, training and exam leave to all eligible employees.

    Employees can also use their Flex dollars to reimburse expenses spent on personal upgrading. They are also given opportunities to widen their exposure and enrich their experience within the company through inter-department job postings.

    On top of that, we believe in building and sustaining a strong talent pipeline through the development of our highest potentials within the company. We offer four top-tier programmes targeted at our Talents and those in the Leadership tier. These programmes are aimed at grooming our future leaders to take on senior leadership roles within the company as well as for existing leaders to elevate their leadership competencies as role models in the organisation.

    These leadership programmes are specially designed to provide the right learning interventions to our key talents and are hosted in some of our major markets in Asia, providing participants with opportunities to appreciate diversity. It also allows them to learn more about our business in a different market and gives them the opportunity to connect with people from different business units and collaborate on cross-functional projects.

Rewarding star employees

  • Prudential recognises the hard work contributed by each employee. Each year, Prudential presents awards to deserving employees who have earned the recognition from their peers and colleagues for contributions throughout the year. Prudential also presents long service awards to recognise the commitment from employees who have stood by Prudential throughout the years.