Our People

We hire exceptional people and invest in their growth.

The best way to get a sense of the kinds of people who are at Prudential is to hear from them in their own words. We’ve asked people from a variety of roles and businesses and at different points in their careers to tell a little about themselves, their experiences and their thoughts about working at Prudential.


“Working with the best brings out my best.”

Being part of the management team at Prudential keeps me fairly occupied. I am involved in various meetings with other departments and the management staff to discuss business and financial issues. I derive the most satisfaction from seeing an idea take root from the planning stage to the execution stage, and finally transforming into something that benefits the company and the team.

Prudential is a well-known financial institution that provides a dynamic environment for people to develop. If you are willing to work hard and want to become better individuals, Prudential is the place to be.


Marcus Ho

Actuarial Services


"Every encounter brings new challenges."

As Legal Counsel, I am involved in reviewing contracts, interpreting industry regulations and advising on legal issues. While my legal expertise is in Corporate and Financial Services, it is in working with people and providing people-oriented solutions that make my work most meaningful and fulfilling.

There's no such thing as a dull day at Prudential. Each day throws up interesting cases and each contract presents unique issues. But above all, they involve people. I enjoy the energy that emanates from the collaboration with my co-workers. This is possible only because Prudential encourages its staff to stay engaged with one another. Here, I enjoy the best of both worlds - growing personally and excelling professionally.

Sara San Jose


Bing Hong

"Caring makes all the difference."

As Team Leader, I provide my front-line team members the technical support that’s critical to providing a better service to their clients. I also help to troubleshoot problems brought about from laptop and iPad encryption, which of course, are the important presentation tools used by our financial consultants.

Winning this year's 'Manager of the Year' award was the main highlight of my career in Prudential. My hard work and dedication paid off. This goes to show that Prudential recognises and appreciates their staff who go the extra mile. The support from my superiors and peers is fantastic. You know you are part of a great team whenever you are on any project. The people here really care about what I do. Personally, I find this the most rewarding.

Tan Bing Hong

Distribution Support Services


"Lifelong learning is the key to success."

What I do is turn an average front-line staff into a star financial consultant by building his/her confidence and arming him/her with thorough training and competent knowledge of our financial products. We always have good people, and as a Trainer, my job is to help them be the best in what they do. To many people, my work seems to take place only in a classroom environment, but the truth is, it starts in the backroom. That’s where my team and I design training programmes, prepare materials and conceptualise the company’s doctrines.

I can’t think of a better job than one that lets me learn while helping others to progress in their jobs at the same time. Prudential encourages that, and it is an employer that recognises an individual’s contribution and believes in rewarding positive results. That makes coming in to the office every day extraordinary.

Nelson Selvakumar Raj

Academy of Competence & Education


"Stay the course and the rewards will come."

I am like a jury, judge and executioner. Or as my name card suggests, I am a Business Analyst. My team and I gather information, and then we sieve out what is critical to solving the problem at hand. We then present this information to our partners or stakeholders, and finally help with the executions of these solutions.

Every day brings new learning experiences, making decisions and sticking by them. That's the thrill of my job. And that's what makes Prudential a great place to work at. They give you opportunities. You just need to take the shot.


Felicia Hoe

Partnerships Distribution