Customer Forms


  1. 1. Reinstatement Application
  2. 2. Premium Payment Method
    • Premium Payment Method
    • SingPost S.A.M. (Self-Service Automated Machines)

      You can now pay your new business and renewal premium at any 250 SingPost S.A.M. (Self-Service Automated Machines) via NETS, operating 24 hours daily! At your convenience, pay single or multiple policies with other bills at one-go. Minimum payment is $20 and maximum is the ATM withdrawal limit set by the bank. You may either pay the exact premium instalment or in multiples of premium instalments.

      For information on the S.A.M. locations, you may visit or call the SingPost hotline at 1605.

    • AXS

      You can now pay your new business and renewal premium at over 750 AXS machines, operating 24 hours daily! Payment made at the AXS machine before 7pm on any working day will be transmitted to our office within the same day.

      For information on the AXS locations, you may visit or call the AXS customer service hotline at 6560-2727 (8am to 10pm daily).

  3. 3. Policy Alteration
  4. 4. Withdrawal / Policy Loan
  5. 5. Update of Personal Particulars
  6. 6. Fund Switch / Premium Redirection
  7. 7. Payment History
    • Payment History
      1. Premium Payment History
      2. Automatic Premium Loan (APL) History
      3. Advance Premium Deposit (APD) History
      4. Policy Loan History
      5. Cashback History

      A service fee will be charge as shown:

      Period of history requested Fee
      > 2 years to 5 years S$25
      > 5 years to 10 years S$50
      > 10 years S$75

      Please complete the form and submit together with payment.

  8. 8. Indemnity Form for Loss of Policy Document
  9. 9. Payment Instructions Form
  10. 10. Common Reporting Standard (CRS)
  11. 11. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  12. 12. Business Reply Envelope
    • Business Reply Envelope

      Download here.

      When you have completed the above Policy Changes Form, mail it back to us at:

      Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited
      Robinson Road P.O.Box 492
      Singapore 900942