Unclaimed Maturity / Death Proceeds

An online register of unclaimed Maturity / Death Proceeds by the Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) is now available on LIA website (www.lia.org.sg). Members of the public could use the register to check if it has listed policies with unclaimed proceeds outstanding for more than 12 months belonging to them or deceased relatives.

The LIA list will be updated once every six months and it will show information on the insured’s name, his identification number which will be masked and the life insurance company’s name.

You can check out the LIA Register of Unclaimed Life Insurance Proceeds at http://www.lia.org.sg/consumers/unclaimed-proceeds/list

To make a claim on the unclaimed proceeds against Prudential policy, the policy owner or his next of kin in the case of a death claim is required to visit our Customer Centre with the original policy document and NRIC or passport for identification.


Location of our Customer Centre

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If you require clarification

  • call our PruCustomer Line at 1800 333 0333 or +65 6333 0333 if the call is made from outside of Singapore, Mondays to Fridays from 8.30am to 5.30pm (excluding Public Holidays)
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