Prudential Platinum Card - Save on your premiums


Pay your premiums through your Prudential Platinum Card

Forget about the hassle of writing cheques and mailing out your payments
You can now charge your Regular Premium Payments (RPP)** to your Prudential Credit Card. Simply fill in the Prudential Credit Card RPP form to enjoy automatic deductions.

Charge S$3,000 to the card (including your Prudential regular premiums) to earn a cash equivalent of S$12.00 to pay for your next Prudential insurance premium.

** Only when you sign up for Regular Premium Payment. Terms and Conditions apply.

All regular premium policies except:

  • Single premium policies
  • Recurrent single premium policies
  • Top up premium
  • Policies purchased under CPF Investment Scheme, CPF Private Medical Insurance Scheme and Supplementary Retirement Scheme

Premiums for Enhanced Accumulator Option (Regular) to PruLink Protection Account (PPA) would be eligible for Prudential Platinum Card Regular Premium Payment together with other PPA regular premiums.

Prudential Platinum Card - the only credit card that helps you pay for your insurance premiums
For every S$1 charged to your card, you'll earn reward point, which can be converted into cash equivalent to offset your Prudential insurance premiums or buy additional Prudential coverage.

Reward points Conversion Equivalent cash value to pay Prudential insurance premiums
3,000 reward points (Minimum redemption) S$12.00
Subsequent 300 reward points S$1.20

Start redeeming now and enjoy savings on your premium.

Please click here to download your redemption request form.

*Terms and conditions apply.