• Be prepared for the unforeseen with comprehensive protection plans

    Our range of protection plans are designed to prepare you for life's eventualities. You've come so far to build your life, provide for yourself and your loved ones. We can help protect what's near and dear to you.

    Group Insurance

    We protect your most important assets - your people.

    At Prudential, we understand that your employees are your best assets. That is why our range of solutions is designed to protect your employees against the unforeseen.

  • Grow your savings, secure your future. Select from a range of savings plans that offer both protection and a disciplined way to save regularly.

    Whether your financial dream is to secure a healthy retirement fund for your golden years, or give your children the gift of an overseas education, a Prudential Financial Consultant can help you with a plan to achieve your medium and long term goals.

  • Grow your wealth by putting your money to work

    Prudential was the first to launch regular premium investment-linked insurance products (ILPs) in Singapore in 1992. We are one of the market leaders in Protection, Savings and Investment-linked plans with over S$28.4 billion funds under management as at 31 December 2015. Let your investment dollars reach their full potential, tap into our years of professional investment experience and expertise today.

  • We understand that being wealthy is also about being able to share it with those you cherish in life, and ensuring that they will always be well taken care of.

    You have enough wealth to last a lifetime, but you can do more to safeguard it. Therefore, we have specially developed the PRUvantage Portfolio - a suite of powerful financial platforms designed to deliver strategic financial solutions in line with your needs.