PRUsmart lady II

We understand you want to take care of yourself through every chapter of life

As a modern, independent woman, you make your own decisions about your well-being. After all, your health needs are different from those of men, and your life has many milestones that only a woman can understand and prepare for.

At Prudential, we understand this. That's why we now bring you PRUsmart lady II, a thoughtfully designed supplementary benefit that helps you take care of yourself, through all the important chapters of life.


  • As much as $50,000 lump sum upon diagnosis of selected major female illnesses
  • Covers selected treatment expenses for a variety of female related procedures
  • Reimburses for reconstructive surgery and skins grafts caused by mishap, major burns or skin cancer
  • Comprehensive female medical checkup every two years
  • Exclusive loyalty benefit of 15% off first year policy premiums when you purchase a policy1 for you, your spouse or child upon significant events in life
  • Optional Maternity Risk Cover II is available

^ Terms and conditions apply

How it works

Rachel, age 25 next birthday, purchased PSL II rider with her whole-of-life plan which covers her up to age 65 next birthday by just paying $1.20 per day for sum assured of $25,000.

Upon diagnosis of carcinoma in situ of the breast, Rachel will receive a payout of 50% of the sum assured under the Female Illnesses benefit.

Subsequently, if the condition aggravates to malignant cancer of the breast, she will receive the remaining 50% of the sum assured.

If she is required to undergo mastectomy due to a malignant condition, she will receive 30% of the sum assured under the Medical Procedures benefit.

These lump sum payouts will help to defray some of the medical cost incurred, replace some loss of income or even pay for additional expenses incurred from the hospitalisation.

Under the recommendation of a doctor registered with the Singapore Medical Council, Rachel then undergoes breast reconstructive surgery following a Mastectomy. She will be reimbursed for the medical costs, up to 100% of the sum assured. The total medical cost incurred by her was approximately $30,000. Payout received by Rachel:

  Payout received by Rachel
Female Illness Benefit  
Diagnosis of Carcinoma in situ of the breast $12,500
Diagnosis of Malignant Cancer of the breast $12,500
Medical Procedures Benefit  
Mastectomy due to a malignant condition $7,500
Reconstructive Surgery or Skin Grafting Benefit  
Breast reconstructive surgery following a Mastectomy $25,000
Total Payouts received by Rachel $57,500

Just by paying an additional $1.00 per day, Rachel will be covered for selected pregnancy complications, congenital illnesses and hospital care for her newborn for a sum assured of $10,000 till age 45 next birthday.

Who can apply

  • For females between 16 to 55 years of age (next birthday) who are looking for affordable coverage against female illnesses with customised benefit specially for women.
  • A unique plan designed exclusively for females available for cash fund with regular premium payment.


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1 Only applicable when signing up for PRUlife, PRUlife limited pay, PRUlife multiplier flex, PRUsave, PRUflexicash, PRUterm ascend, PRUmortgage, PRUmultiple crisis cover, PRUpersonal accident, PRUterm vantage (SGD or USD), PRUterm total refund, PRUearly stage crisis cover and PRUearly stage disability. The list of eligible products is subject to change. The 15% first year premium discount is available for a maximum of two new policies per event and for a maximum total annual premium of $10,000 including additional premiums for supplementary benefits.


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