PRUDecreasing Term Vantage

When your loved ones deserve the best protection

  • For those seeking basic decreasing insurance coverage over lifetime
  • A Term product available for Cash funds with Single Premium payment


  • Provides financial protection against death up till 100 age next birthday or end of term of coverage, whichever earlier
  • Provides financial protection against terminal illness up till age 65 or end of term of coverage, whichever earlier
  • An option to include Accelerated Disability Benefit to enhance coverage 
  • You have the flexibility of choosing from 10 to 82 year* policy terms to meet your needs at every stage of life
  • Acquires surrender value immediately after the single premium has been paid and the policy is in force
^ Terms and conditions apply.
* Subject to the limit that age next birthday at entry plus policy term does not exceed 100.


PRUDecreasing Term Vantage Explained

Mr Lee (male, non-smoker), age 40 next birthday, wishes to ensure that his family does not suffer any change in their financial status should anything happen to him.

Mr Lee faces high liabilities due to his car loan, housing loan and business loan. As he grows older, his loans will eventually be paid off and the need for protection against outstanding loan amount will also reduce accordingly.

With PRUDecreasing Term Vantage with Accelerated Disability Benefit, the sum assured reduces according to his requirements at every stage of his life, providing him with the maximum value and necessary protection he requires. Below is the table that shows how the reducing sum assured and surrender value work for Mr Lee's PRUDecreasing Term Vantage plan.

End of Policy Year / Age next birthday Total Premium Paid* Mr Lee's outstanding loans Death Benefit Surrender Value
Guaranteed Guaranteed
1/Age 41 $189,920 $900,000 $1,000,000 $126,416
30/Age 70 $189,920 $450,000 $661,000 $64,281
40/Age 80 $189,920 $50,000 $491,000 $42,854


* Sum assured for PRUDecreasing Term Vantage quoted is based on a male non-smoker, aged 40 next birthday, and a policy term of 60 years. The policy term for the PRUDecreasing Term Vantage is subject to the maximum expiry age of 100 next birthday. Please refer to the Policy Document for exact terms and conditions of this plan.


Buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value payable (if any) may be less than the total premiums paid.

You are recommended to seek advice from a qualified Prudential Financial Consultant for a financial analysis before purchasing a policy suitable to meet your needs.

The information on this website is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. Please refer to the exact terms and conditions, specific details and exclusions applicable to the insurance product in the policy documents that can be obtained from your Prudential Financial Consultant.

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Information is correct as at 27 May 2016.