PRUgolden income

We understand you want the assurance to receive income in your retirement years

You have been working hard to provide for your family, as well as to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Even as you continue doing so, it is time to start thinking about a viable retirement plan that suits your needs. As you look to plan for your retirement, we know that you would like to have a retirement plan that provides you with a regular stream of retirement income, while being covered against the unforeseen at the same time.

PRUgolden income, a regular premium endowment plan, offers you a Monthly Income1 with a choice of different premium payment terms and Monthly Income Periods. A capital guaranteed plan2, PRUgolden income is designed to provide for a comfortable retirement planning so you may still enjoy life’s pursuits and achieve your desired financial goals. You can now be assured of enjoying your desired retirement plan with peace of mind.


Flexible premium payment terms and Monthly Income Period

PRUgolden income offers a choice of premium payment terms and Monthly Income Periods which best suit your financial obligations and retirement needs.

Till Age 50
next birthday
Age 55 15 years or
20 years
Till Age 57
next birthday
Age 62 15 years or
20 years

Guaranteed Monthly Income

PRUgolden income offers a rewarding Monthly Income1 at the start of your selected Monthly Income Period. You can also look forward to an annual 2%3 increase in the guaranteed portion of your Monthly Income1 which can help ease inflation concerns.

Quick, hassle-free application

As no medical check-ups or answering questions about your health are required, you can now look forward to enjoying your golden years with PRUgolden income.

Broad coverage to meet your needs

You can have greater peace of mind as PRUgolden income is designed to offer you protection in your journey towards a sound retirement planning.

  • Coverage against Death
    In the event of death, your family will be provided a lump sum payout4. In addition, they will also be supported with a Family Income Benefit5 if death occurs during the Monthly Income Period of your policy.
  • Coverage against Disability caused by an Accident
    You do not need to worry about continuing with your premium payments if as a result of an accident6, you become Totally and Permanently Disabled7. You will also receive an additional Disability Monthly Income8 equivalent to 50% of the Initial Guaranteed Monthly Income9.
  • Lifestyle Multiplier Benefit
    You will be given a one-time payout that is equal to 6 times the Initial Guaranteed Monthly Income9 at the start of your selected Monthly Income Period. This payout can be used as you wish, such as taking a short vacation or even subsidising for your health checks.

Enhance your plan for greater coverage

You can ensure that you and your family are covered more extensively by including these supplementary benefits10:

  • PRUfracture care, which offers payouts for fractures, burns and dislocations to provide medical assistance and also cushion the impact of lifestyle adjustments, until you recover.
  • Early Stage Crisis Waiver, which waives the premium payments for a fixed period11 upon diagnosis of the listed early or intermediate stage medical conditions, so you can concentrate on treatment.
  • Crisis Waiver III, which waives the remaining premium payments12 upon diagnosis of any one of the 35 listed critical illnesses and ensures that your financial plan remains in place.
  • Early Payer Security, which waives the premium payments for a fixed period11 upon diagnosis of Early or Intermediate Stage Medical Conditions, so that you need not worry about your loved ones losing coverage while you concentrate on your treatment.
  • Payer Security III / Payer Security Plus safeguards your loved one’s policy in the event that Death, Critical Illness or Total and Permanent Disability strikes you.


How it works

How PRUgolden income works:

Mr. Lee (male, non-smoker), age 40 on his next birthday, plans to retire when he reaches 62 years old. He seeks to have a Monthly Income over a period of 20 years in his golden years. By setting aside $6,75313 annually (approximately $563 per month) till age 57, he can look forward to potentially receive his Monthly Income of $1,06014 which includes a guaranteed portion of his Monthly Income of $400 which grows at 2%3 per annum. Here’s how PRUgolden income may help Mr. Lee realise his retirement planning goals.

PRUgolden income illustration

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1 Monthly Income comprises a guaranteed portion and a non-guaranteed portion. The Monthly Income is paid to you every month throughout the Monthly Income Period commencing on the Policy Anniversary immediately before the life assured attains his selected retirement age of 55 or 62 and ending with the last Monthly Income instalment paid on the maturity date.
2 PRUgolden income is capital guaranteed if it is held till maturity and no alteration is made to the plan.
3 The guaranteed portion of the Monthly Income will increase annually at a simple interest of 2% starting from the second year of Monthly Income Period. Based on simple interest calculation, the yearly increment will be the same amount calculated at 2% of Initial Guaranteed Monthly Income.
4 If the life assured dies during the Accumulation Period, we will pay the higher of:
  • 105% of the total premiums paid at the time of death (excluding premiums paid for supplementary benefits, if any); or
  • 101% of the surrender value at the time of death,

less any outstanding amounts owing to us.

If the client had reduced his premium previously, the total premiums paid will be calculated as if the revised reduced premium had been paid from the start of the policy.

If the life assured dies during the Monthly Income Period, we will pay the higher of:

  • 101% of the surrender value at the time of death; or
  • the guaranteed portion of the remaining Monthly Income instalments at the time of death (excluding the non-guaranteed portion of the remaining Monthly Income instalments),

plus any accumulated non-guaranteed Monthly Income.

We will deduct any:

  • amounts owing to us;
  • overpaid guaranteed and non-guaranteed Monthly Income due to the late notification of death; and
  • overpaid Disability Monthly Income due to the late notification of death.
5 We will pay the Family Income Benefit upon the death of the life assured during the Monthly Income Period. We will pay a monthly payment equal to the Initial Guaranteed Monthly Income for 12 months or the remaining months to policy maturity, whichever is shorter.
6 An “Accident” is an unforeseen and involuntary event, which directly causes death or injury by violent, external and visible means, and is independent of any other cause (such as illness or disease of the life assured).
7 “Totally and Permanently Disabled” is when the life assured is totally and irrecoverably disabled as a result of which the life assured:
  • cannot engage in any occupation, business or activity which pays an income; or
  • suffers total and irrecoverable loss of use of:
  • both eyes;
  • any two limbs excluding hands and feet; or
  • one eye and any one limb excluding hands and feet.
8 If the life assured becomes Totally and Permanently Disabled because of an Accident before age 65, we pay this Disability Monthly Income until the maturity of the policy or upon the death of the life assured, whichever is earlier. The amount of the Disability Monthly Income will remain the same throughout the payment period. If the life assured stops being Totally and Permanently Disabled, we stop the Disability Monthly Income payments.
9 Initial Guaranteed Monthly Income is the guaranteed portion of the Monthly Income amount at the Cover Start Date of your policy and which is shown on your Certificate of Life Assurance.
10 Medical check-ups or answering questions about your health may be required for supplementary benefits. Other riders for this plan are available as well.
11 Upon diagnosis of Early or Intermediate Stage Medical Conditions, the future premiums of the covered benefits will be waived for 5 years or 10 years respectively, or the remaining premium payment term, whichever is shorter. The maximum premium waiver period is 10 years, after which the benefit terminates and premium payment for the covered benefits resumes.
12 Future premiums of the covered benefits are waived up to age 85 or until the end of the premium payment term, whichever is earlier.
13 Annual premium quoted (rounded to the nearest dollar) is based on a non-smoking male, age 40 next birthday (retirement age at 62 and Monthly Income Period of 20 years) with an Initial Guaranteed Monthly Income of $400.
14 Projected first year’s Monthly Income comprises of $400 guaranteed Monthly Income and $660 non-guaranteed Monthly Income. The illustrated non-guaranteed Monthly Income is projected assuming a projected investment return of 4.75% p.a. As non-guaranteed Monthly Income is not guaranteed, the actual benefits payable will vary according to the future performance of the participating fund.


Buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value payable (if any) may be less than the total premiums paid.

Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. Premiums for some of the supplementary benefits are not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on future claims experience. You are recommended to seek advice from a qualified Prudential Financial Consultant for a financial analysis before purchasing a policy suitable to meet your needs.

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Information is correct as at 27 May 2016.