PRUincome rewards

We understand you wouldn't want to worry about a steady income in the future

Get closer to fulfilling your dreams and aspirations, and live out your golden years in financial security. PRUincome rewards is a flexible and affordable policy that offers you a regular stream of income, so you’ll be able to turn your dreams into reality.


  • Receive a guaranteed Monthly Income for 15 years
  • Enjoy two lump sum cash rewards made up of
    • The Income reward, a guaranteed payout equivalent to 12 times the Monthly Income at the beginning of the Monthly Income Period1
    • The Maturity Reward2, a lump sum cash reward receivable at the end of the policy term
  • Flexible policy term
    • PRUincome rewards @ 10 (10 year limited pay)
    • PRUincome rewards @ 50 (pay premiums till age 50)
    • PRUincome rewards @ 60 (pay premiums till age 60)
  • Guaranteed issuance
  • Enjoy additional protection for greater assurance
    • Death benefit
      • During the Accumulation Period, the death benefit will be the higher of
        • 105% of total premium paid at time of death; or,
        • 101% of surrender value at the time of death
      • During the Monthly Income Period, the death benefit will be the higher of
        • 101% of the surrender value at the time of death; or,
        • The remaining Monthly Income instalment at the time of death


How it works

Three options to suit your needs

PRUincome rewards lets you choose from three options. Select the one that meets your need for peace of mind and financial security in the years to come.


  PRUincome rewards 10 PRUincome rewards @50 PRUincome rewards @60
Premium Payment Term 10 years Up to age 50 Up to age 60
Accumulation Period 15 years Up to age 55 Up to age 65
Monthly Income Period 15 years 15 years 15 years


An example: Mr Lim, aged 35 on his next birthday, aims to retire comfortably by 65 years old. On top of his other retirement plans, he wants a monthly payout of S$4733 and two lump sum cash rewards for greater financial security. To have the additional retirement funds, he only needs to set aside S$204 per month, up to age 60. Here's how PRUincome rewards @60 may help Mr Lim if he selects the payout option to draw down part of his Maturity Reward2.




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1 The Monthly Income Period will start after the Accumulation Period.
2 The Maturity Reward for PRUincome rewards is not guaranteed.
3 The illustrated values use bonus rates assuming a projected investment rate of 4.75% p.a for the participating fund. Bonus rates are not guaranteed, and will vary according to the future performance of participating fund.

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