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Purpose and Responsibility

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy

At Prudential, we are committed to help people get the most out of life. Our ESG Strategy consists of three strategic pillars with differentiating focus areas where we can make a meaningful impact to environment, people and economy.

Our ESG Framework

The three pillars of our ESG strategy

Making health and financial security accessible

With rising longevity, ensuring the residents of Singapore are healthy and financially secure for longer is critical. We continue to invest in digital health innovation to improve health outcomes and raise financial literacy.


Stewarding the human impacts of climate change

Climate change presents long‑term risks to the sustainability of our business. It is important that our support in the transition to a lower carbon economy is a fair and inclusive one that leaves no communities behind.


Building social capital

Building human and social capital is a strategic priority for us. We do this by promoting diversity in representation and thought as well as fostering a culture of inclusion and a sense of belonging within our organisation.

These pillars are supported by our strategic enablers

Good governance and responsible business practices

Strong and good governance are the keys to a responsible and trustworthy business. In Prudential, we recognise the importance of reducing the direct impact of our own operations on the environment, largely focusing on Ethics, Fair Dealing and customer satisfaction.


Responsible Investment

As part of our Responsible Investment approach, we incorporate ESG factors into our investment decisions, alongside traditional financial analysis, to generate sustainable returns for our customers


Community engagement and investment

Prudential’s global community investment strategy focuses on education, health and safety and is aligned to our business purpose and stakeholders’ concerns. We want to ensure people get the most out of life today and in the future.

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For an update on our progress over 2020 across each of our pillars and enablers, read our Sustainability Report 2020