Ready to power up your mood? Managing your emotions with technology

Keeping tabs on our emotions should be as much of a priority as our physical health. So how is the power of digital technology helping Singaporeans to better manage their mood?

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for self-care and for taking mental wellness as seriously as our physical health1 and many Singaporeans are demonstrating signs of being clinically depressed, anxious, or stressed.2

Let digital tools remove taboos

Talking about how we feel is still uncomfortable for many. The perceived stigma around mental health is often a barrier to people seeking the support they need.3 Improving awareness and seeking help early on is important in managing emotions.

This could be the reason why many are turning to technology to educate themselves about optimising mental health and tracking their emotions. Our Digital for 100: Harnessing technology for longer lifespans report reveals that just over two-thirds (67 per cent) of respondents are skilled in using mental health tools that measure stress and anxiety levels, and monitor moods.

Make use of mental health apps at your fingertips

Make use of mental health apps at your fingertips

Whether you’re feeling happy or sad, hopeful or overwhelmed, it’s crucial to do a ‘vibe check’ to understand your emotions to manage them better. As well as biology and psychology , our environment can also affect our mood. This includes work, where we spend the majority of our time. With the hustle culture evident, a recent study4 showed the Singaporean workforce to have the worst mental health across Southeast Asia and is especially so among younger employees.

Technology has a role to play in tracking and understanding our mood, including the frequency and type of our mood changes, as well as learning how to respond.5 The Prudential by Pulse digital health and wellness app does exactly this, all in a safe space. With a mood tracker, self-awareness quizzes and personalised content, managing your mental health has never been easier. Just update your information regularly to get the most out of it. It’s as simple as asking yourself ‘how are you today?’ as you would ask colleagues, friends or family. A wide variety of content in different formats from video to articles on topics such as relationship dependability, sleep hygiene and anxiety are just a click away.

Manage your mood with online self-care tips

While Pulse can help track your mood at your fingertips, wider technology can also help manage your emotions.6 From mindful breaks to grief meditation, here are some top tips:

  • Digital detox: Fed up with constant pinging from your phone? Turn on the Do Not Disturb feature for an hour

  • Rest is best: Track your sleep patterns and set sleep goals for the full night’s rest you’re craving

  • Good for the mind: Try out a virtual meditation class to clear your head after a busy day at work

  • Sharing is caring: Join a virtual support group and share your experiences with other like-minded people

Monitor your mood today for a better tomorrow, download Pulse now!

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