Boost employee engagement and retention with technology

Employers in Singapore are raising their game in boosting engagement with employees, driven by the power of digital technology.

Building a positive culture and employee experience is among the top five priorities for HR leaders in the coming year.1 In fact, gratitude, recognition and appreciation are important contributors to employee retention – a win-win for employees and employers alike as we strive to live longer and more fulfilling lives.2 But what role does technology play in all this?

Encouraging the use of digital to boost engagement

Our Digital for 100: Business, technology and fulfilling lives report shows that nurturing digital innovation and training in new technologies at work is helping to strengthen employee engagement and retention for both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organisations.

More than 3 in 4 Singapore-based executives surveyed say that boosting employee engagement depends heavily on the effective use of digital technology. From employees using digital apps to improve physical and mental health, to taking part in professional development courses or training modules and using remote working technologies, digital technology is now more accessible than ever. This is particularly important given the shift to hybrid/flexible working in the wake of the global health crisis.

Digitalisation also supports talent retention and brand reputation for employers, and career development for employees. Approximately 7 in 10 survey respondents say that employees are more likely to take on new roles within their company using the digital skills they have gained there.

Of the 100 survey respondents, more than half (64 per cent) believe that helping employees use digital technology to achieve personal life goals has also improved their organisation’s reputation in the market.

Top tech tips to boost employee engagement and retention

Technology driving winning outcomes for businesses

With digital technology, employers can help their employees live more fulfilling lives – professionally and personally. So what does all this mean for employers? Essentially, employees are more productive, happier and more likely to remain loyal to their employer – all of which have a positive impact on the bottom line.3

The best news is that the technology that enables this is well within reach for businesses, such as Prudential’s Business@Pulse app feature for its corporate customers. Employees can view their benefits such as medical insurance and submit and track claims at anytime from anywhere, while HR teams can manage their employees’ claims with ease at the click of a button.4 It has never been easier to connect today’s hybrid workforce with their benefits and provide the protection they need.

Employees can get a better understanding of the types of coverage they can get and what limits there are when it comes to surgery, for example. Forget hard copies of receipts – employees just need to upload a photo of their medical bill. This saves time for employees and the potential reams of physical paperwork for HR teams.

Accelerating opportunities for employers and employees

But it doesn’t stop there. SMEs can also upskill their employees and drive business growth even further with Prudential’s SME Skills Accelerator programme. With access to up to 90 per cent of SkillsFuture-funded courses for employees, and a dedicated skills manager to guide employees to the right courses, SMEs will be able to super charge their employees and business to the next year and beyond.

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