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What is PRUActive Retirement?

Retirement is a time we all look forward to after a lifetime of hard work. With the rising cost of living and people living longer, financial security is all the more vital. You decide the standard of living you want to do more of what you love, and maybe even retire sooner than you planned.

PRUActive Retirement can help you do just that. It’s a unique plan that's highly customisable, designed to give you flexibility, financial security and therefore freedom to retire the way you want. It's a first-of-its-kind retirement plan designed to weather market volatility, providing you with a steady cumulative retirement income.

  • A first-of-its-kind insurance savings plan that safeguard against market volatility
  • Highly customisable to give you the flexibility, financial security and freedom to retire the way you envision
  • A plan that promises you a stable monthly income during market uncertainty
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Key Benefits

How PRUActive Retirement works?

PRUActive Retirement gives Jack the financial assurance he needs once he retires, and the flexibility to get there. The monthly income Jack receives will help him supplement his CPF Life payouts and also keep up with rising costs. This allows Jack to continue enjoying the standard of living he desires.

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1Subject to the performance of the participating fund. The step up income is at least the same or more than the previous year.

2Policyowner is allowed to change the Payout Period any time until two months before the start of the payout period.

3Choice of Payout Age from age 50 to 90

4PRUActive Retirement provides coverage against Total and Permanent Disability during the term of the policy, or before the policy anniversary prior to the life assured attaining age 70, whichever is earlier.

5Effective only if main life assured passes on after premium payment ends, applicable for joint ownership between husband and wife.

6Crisis Waiver III waives the future premiums of the covered benefits up to age 85.

7After the end of the Early Stage Premium Waiver Period, premium payment for the covered benefits will resume, but the premiums for the Early Stage Crisis Waiver will continue to be waived.

8The second claim will waive the premium for another 5 years. This is provided the second claim is not for the same Medical Condition as the first claim, and it does not fall within the same category of the first Early Stage Medical Condition.

9If there was a successful claim under Early Stage Medical Conditions, the Intermediate Stage Medical Conditions Benefit only waives 5 years of future premiums.

10The Non-Guaranteed Monthly Income is declared yearly during the Payout Period and is subject to the performance of the participating fund. Once declared, it is guaranteed and is added to the Step Up Income.

11This portion of the Step Up Income is the accumulated amount from prior years’ declaration of the Non-Guaranteed Monthly Income. This accumulated amount is guaranteed once declared and paid in addition to the initial Step Up Income throughout the Payout Period.

12This portion of the Step Up Income is converted from the reversionary bonuses accumulated up to the start of the Payout Period and it forms the initial Step Up Income. At the start of the Payout Period, this initial Step Up Income amount will be guaranteed and paid throughout the Payout Period. Reversionary bonuses are subject to the performance of the participating fund.

13The Guaranteed Monthly Income is paid to you regardless of the performance of the participating fund.

14Total potential payout uses bonus rates assuming an illustrated investment rate of return of 4.60% p.a. At 3.10% p.a. illustrated investment rate of return, the total potential payout will be $227,472.


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