" A big part of the job is about developing meaningful programmes that address societal needs. "

El Lynn


Hello El Lynn! Tell us what you do at Prudential.

I lead Community Investment at Prudential. The team’s goal is to embed a culture built on doing good by focusing on issues that our employees, customers, communities and stakeholders care about, and where we can make a positive and lasting social impact.

What’s a typical work day like for you?

Most days, I’m in meetings collaborating with either internal or external stakeholders, answering emails and overseeing programme implementation. Innovation is a big part of our culture and so my team and I also spend a considerable amount of time planning creatively, and brainstorming on innovative ideas.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

A big part of the job is about developing meaningful programmes that address societal needs – whether it’s supporting social inclusion for the elderly, providing education for children or enhancing health for low-income families. Fulfilment for me is about making a difference, not just in the lives of the beneficiaries we work with, but also providing a memorable experience for our volunteers.

Tell us about one memorable experience in your time at Prudential so far.

Our partnership with The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, part of The RICE Company Limited, has been a meaningful journey. We first met them last year and we have since worked together on multiple projects, anchored around our financial literacy programme Cha-Ching. The Business Times Budding Artists Fund provides arts training to children and youths from challenging backgrounds and we share the belief that well-being does not stop at physical well-being but also social and financial well-being. On this note, we worked with the children to bring our Cha-Ching music videos to life where they get the opportunity to perform in front of real audiences, and also learn basic money management skills in the process.

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