Gregory Ng is a Funds Analyst at Prudential. He joined Prudential’s Management Associate Programme after graduating from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This is his story of how Prudential led him to where he is today.

I have always been good with numbers and after graduating with a degree in Accountancy at NTU, with a second major in Banking and Finance, I was on the lookout for a Management Associate (MA) Programme. I came across Prudential’s recruitment for its inaugural batch of MAs and was thrilled that they offered a finance track.

Rotation training

After going through assessment day and a few rounds of interviews, I was selected to be part of the Prudential MA Programme which includes rotations to four departments. I started out in Finance Strategic Planning, making reports for the senior management team in Singapore as well as regional management. I went on to the Enterprise Risk Management team before my third rotation in the frontline distribution team. My third rotation in the frontline distribution team gave me the opportunity to be seconded to Prudential Vietnam, where I took part in the countrywide agent’s compensation review exercise. It was an immense learning opportunity.

There were many unfamiliar terms from the insurance industry which I had to pick up. Thankfully, the MA programme gets us up to speed on the insurance industry via a degree equivalent, an Advanced Diploma in Insurance, certified by the Chartered Insurance Institute in the United Kingdom, which provides a pathway to be a Chartered Insurer.

Biggest achievement

During my Vietnam secondment, I was the lead in the countrywide revamp of the agent’s compensation scheme for two big channels. The unfamiliar territory, coupled with no prior experience in this area, presented my steepest learning curve to date.

Using my problem-solving skills and knowledge of the popular activity-based savings accounts and expertise from my local Vietnamese teammates, we spent countless hours proposing revised structures. We went through multiple iterations before devising a new compensation scheme. It was most memorable as I managed many stakeholders in delivering the final product within the proposed timeline.

Taking initiative to accelerate learning

My last rotation and final placement was in the Investments team, which was another enriching learning opportunity. I volunteered to be part of the team monitoring the markets and took up opportunities to prepare update decks for the Chief Investment Officer’s presentations to the agency force. Open and easy access to senior management accelerated my on-the-job learning.

Advice for graduates

Be willing to try and you will see doors to opportunities will open!

The insurance industry was not at the top of my mind when I first graduated, but I have not regretted entering the industry since. I did not expect to spend time on the job overseas or be placed permanently in an investment team. Not knowing what you want to do after graduation is perfectly reasonable and a rotation training programme like Prudential’s MA Programme provides that perfect opportunity to find your calling. What is most important is your willingness to seize that opportunity to try.

The insurance industry is unique and so is Prudential. However, the knowledge and skills gained at Prudential are transferable, making insurance a great launching pad for graduates keen to work in financial services.


In the spirit of encouraging lifelong learning habits and inspiring our employees, we organized Pru Learner's Week. 5 days of bite-sized workshops, talks and activities to get our employees pumped up and ready to learn, grow and achieve at Prudential.

Here's 5 things we learnt at Pru Learner's Week:

1. Learning can happen anytime and anywhere.

Many people have the perception that learning ends once we graduate from school. But that couldn't be further from the truth. During Learner's Week, participants were exposed to a variety of programmes across various disciplines, from finance talks to workshops on mental health and personal well-being, there was so much more to learn! To further foster the spirit of learning, all employees were given Edx Learning Credits to pursue additional courses in their own spare time based on their passions.

2. The importance of knowing your purpose.

One of the themes of Learner's Week was about "Rekindling Your Purpose". We introduced the concept of Ikigai – your purpose in life, to further help them analyse their strengths and match it with their interests and roles in the company. You can try it yourself too! Make 3 lists consisting of "Your values", "things you like to do", and "what you're good at." The cross section of the 3 lists would then be your Ikigai.

3. Having empathy for others, and in turn, yourself.

One of the workshops that was popular during the week was a Deaf Awareness workshop. In fact, we were moved by the overwhelming response as it brought out the unexpected compassionate side of some of our employees. During the workshop, basic sign language was taught and employees learnt how to put themselves in someone else's shoes and empathize with their situation. There was also a Yoga workshop that taught participants how to destress and care for themselves.

4. Getting in touch with your creative side.

Several workshops focused on creativity such as learning Paper Marbling, Poetry and even using Lego blocks! The Lego workshop called Lego Serious Play showed participants how to brainstorm and introduced some basic exercises to foster a more creative atmosphere at work. For example, when introducing themselves, they had to pick out 10 Lego pieces and build a structure that could help the office. They would then have to explain to the rest of the class what that structure was and how it worked. It was definitely a blast!

5. There's no "I" in team.

In fact, organising Learner's week itself was a learning experience and highlighting once again, the importance of teamwork. From the ideation stage to the planning to the launch of this event, many employees stepped up to help with the logistics, truly living the value of collaboration. Without everyone's help, Learner's Week would not have been such a huge success.


Are financial consultants the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Prudential? There's a lot more to us! We offer a diverse range of careers across marketing, customer experience, technology, operations, and a lot more. Here's 5 jobs you didn't know existed at Prudential.

Head of Culture

As companies grow larger it's easy to feel like you're working for a giant faceless entity. Which is where Culture comes in. As Head of Culture, your day-to-day tasks revolve around facilitating team engagement workshops, listening to employee feedback and generally making Prudential a better place for employees. We want to create an inclusive, purpose-driven workplace culture that allows our employees to realise their fullest potential, and you as Head of Culture, champion this! Happier people means more room for growth - of the organisation and our people. Win-win!

Head of Digital Marketing

If you think that you need to work in the creative industry to be creative then you're mistaken. As the Head of Digital Marketing, you'll have to put those braincells to the test to come up with disruptive ideas and digital strategies that can cut through the clutter. Your main objective would be using various digital media platforms to drive customer engagement and sales.

Office Transformation Manager

If planning events and parties are your thing then this job might just be perfect for you. As an Office Transformation Manager, you'll be in-charge of planning events for the office and curating awesome new experiences for the staff. As an added perk, you get a say when it comes to the look and feel of new office space, including the design and layout! Workspaces can look good, feel good, and be perfectly functional - what's not to love?

Mobile Engineer

If you've got a flair for numbers and intricate algorithms, a career as a Mobile Engineer might just be your best bet. As a mobile engineer at Prudential, your job is not to just write code for their apps but also to participate actively in projects from inception to user testing. Having an eye for detail is also crucial as you will need to continuously enhance the app interface and elevate the user experience.

Customer Experience Strategist

Are you a people person? If you're the kind of person with strong emotional agility and perspective, a role to elevate our Customer Experience Strategy might be right for you. Your job is to create bespoke customer experiences for the different segments that our propositions cater to. As the demands of our customers evolve, you need to anticipate and create new solutions to deliver the best experience possible.

To find out more about a career at Prudential, visit our main site.


There's so much more to Prudential than what you may know about. We want to be the most fun place in Singapore to work for. Here's 5 totally unexpected fun facts about Prudential:

1. Generous Leave Policies

Did you know that Prudential has one of the best leave policies in Singapore? Apart from paid annual leave, full-time employees enjoy a whopping 6 days of additional leave to spend time with family. New mums also enjoy up to 24 weeks (that's 6 months!) of paid maternity leave while new dads get 3 weeks of paid paternity leave. Talk about work-life balance!

2. Open plan office

Fancy a new view every day? At Prudential, employees practice hot-desking, which means they have no fixed desk and can choose a different area of the office to work at every day. This is because we champion collaboration and don't believe in hierarchy, even our CEO doesn't have an office! Certain areas of the office also have more creative spaces with comfy sofas and mood lighting to inspire your next ground-breaking idea.

3. A cafe at your doorstep

Why bother queuing up at the coffee shop when there's free coffee in the office? Choose from a range of special brews to satisfy your caffeine cravings while indulging in gourmet breakfast pastries and sandwiches. Our café lso runs on a pay-as-you-wish concept and all the proceeds go to various charities as part of Prudential's efforts to give back to the community. For junk food junkies, keep your eyes open for potato chips and cookies in the snack corner because those run out fast! Did we tell you that there is also beer and wine on tap? Jealous?

4. Internal Mobility

For those employees who often seek new challenges and are keen to explore new roles, Prudential champions internal mobility that allows our talents to transfer internally to different departments. So, whether you're an events manager who wants to try out marketing or a finance guru who wants to dabble in tech, we'll find a way to show you the ropes and help you achieve your career goals.

5. Dress to Impress

Should working in a corporate environment dictate your outfit of the day? At Prudential we say "No way!" We encourage our employees to dress casually and comfortably. Stylish tops, jeans and even sneakers are allowed, so let out your inner fashionista or style guru and bring your wardrobe A-game.