IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Prudential Customer Service Centre on the 1st Floor of Marina One, East Tower will be opened by appointment only, from 2 June 2020. To ensure your safety, we have put safe management measures in place. For more information on COVID-19 relief measures please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prudential announced the roll out of PRUCare Package to provide cash benefits for those quarantined or hospitalised due to the COVID-19, as well as aid for SMEs whose businesses are affected by the disease. Find out more

LIA Critical Illnesses (CI) Framework 2019 : In accordance to LIA Critical Illness (CI) Framework 2019, Prudential Singapore’s policies purchased from 26 August 2020 will adhere to the updated list of critical illnesses definitions. For more information, speak to your Prudential Financial Consultant today.

PRUACCESS: In accordance with PDPC's Advisory Guidelines on the PDPA for NRIC and other National Identification numbers, we will no longer be using NRIC/passport numbers/FIN for login purposes from 1 Aug 2019. If you have yet to create a user ID, please click here.

Changes to the way you’ll receive your letters: From Aug-20, we'll begin sending letters such as payment and renewal notices, payout letters and more, digitally instead of via mail. Eligible customers will receive an SMS whenever there is an e-letter for you. For more info, please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : As of 25 August 2020, we have updated our Privacy Notice which is available at our corporate website. Find out more here.

Code of Ethics

Trust and integrity are critical to the success of our business. As we innovate to help everyone live well, we are committed to doing the right thing for our customers, people, distributors, partners and the community.

At Prudential, operating our business in the most responsible and sustainable way means we need to hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

This Code of Ethics applies to me, our Board of Directors, and all employees at every level of our organisation.

We expect all employees to have honest and courageous conversations, treat one another with care and respect, and raise concerns if there is any observed misconduct. Through your ethical behaviour and willingness to speak up, we earn and keep the trust of others, and one another.

We have zero tolerance for unethical behaviour, including any form of discrimination, harassment, victimization or retaliation. When mis-steps occur, we are committed to resolving them quickly and effectively.

Thank you for your commitment to our Code of Ethics and in doing so helping to make Prudential a trusted insurer and the best place to work.

Dennis Tan
CEO, Prudential Singapore

Our Purpose, Aspiration and Values

The way we do business and interact with others is anchored in our purpose, aspiration and values. These are at the core of our Prudential Charter which sets the foundation for who we are as an organisation and the way we conduct ourselves with our colleagues, customers, partners and wider community.

Our Purpose: Innovating to Help Everyone Live Well

Our purpose is inspired by our drive to use innovation for the good of society. We are inclusive for everyone and want to help people achieve overall wellbeing in all aspects – financial, health, emotional and social. We do this by being bold in pursuing new frontiers while firmly holding on to our values of Accountability, Innovation, Collaboration, Empowerment and Trust.

Our Aspiration: Let’s provide awesome experiences for our customers, people and partners. By leading in innovation, we can rapidly make the difference for all.

We want to become the best place to work for our people, reimagine the way we live for our customer, reward the faith of our shareholders and partners and engage in ways that recognise that our actions affect the wider world. Achieving this involves doing what’s right and acting in the most ethical and responsible manner.

#DORight: Our Commitment to Ethics and Integrity is Deeply Embedded in our Values

In innovating to help everyone live well, we operate our business in a responsible and sustainable manner, guided by our values, with trust at the core. This means we must do what is right by being fair and ethical to our colleagues, customers, partners and the community.

Ethics is a set of moral principles that helps us distinguish between what is right and wrong. It plays an important part in guiding our behaviour and conduct in our daily work. Here, we’ve highlighted the behaviours which encourage ethical and responsible conduct that all employees should live up to as part of our Code of Ethics.

  1. Innovation means we boldly push frontiers.

    We achieve this when we:

    • Empathise with the worlds of others.Be inclusive and remove any unconscious bias or preconceived judgments.
    • Question assumptions to uncover new insights.
    • Open our minds to all possibilities.
    • Experiment and fail our way to success.

  2. Collaboration means we work as one.

    We achieve this when we:

    • Share proactively within and across our teams.
    • Listen to others’ view and respect differences.
    • Co-create and build on ideas together.
    • Tackle issues, not individuals. Deal with the issues at hand and take an objective view instead of treating individuals unfairly.
    • Draw on our combined experience and expertise to achieve the best outcome.

  3. Accountability means we fulfil our promises.

    We achieve this when we:

    • Own our decisions, actions and commitments.
    • Pursue awesome outcomes.
    • Take responsibility when things go wrong. If mistakes were made, own up to them.
    • Escalate risks and come up with solutions. If you observe any unethical behaviour or misconduct, speak up and seek advice from appropriate people and channels.
    • Recognise those who help us.

  4. Empowerment means we can make a difference.

    We achieve this when we:

    • Exercise our autonomy wisely and for the common good. When we encounter an ethical dilemma, and are unsure of what decisions to take, ask for help.
    • Set clear goals for ourselves and our teams.
    • Coach our colleagues towards success.
    • Enable decision-making at the right level.
    • Are open to giving and receiving feedback from anyone.

  5. Trust means we inspire confidence.
  6. We achieve this when we:

    • Mean what we say, consistently.
    • Have honest and courageous conversations. Speak up when things do not seem right.
    • Treat one another with care and respect.
    • Act with integrity. Be truthful. Do what is right even when no one is looking.
    • Build strong relationships.

The Way We Do Business


Doing right by our customers means … that we keep their best interests at heart, treat them fairly, openly and honestly. It means providing and promoting products and services that meet their needs, maintain confidentiality of their information, and acting fairly to address customer complaints. Yet we need to go further than that. We need to put the customer at the core of what we do, every decision we make and every action we take.


Doing right by our employees means… that we maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace where people can have honest and courageous conversations. It means providing them with psychological safety at work where they stand up for what is right through words and actions, openly admit mistakes and learn from one another.


Doing right by the regulators means … that we comply with the law, report accurate and honest information at all times, and ensure that any legal breaches are declared to the relevant authorities promptly. It also means that we consistently promote transparency and fair dealing.

Business Partners

Doing right by our business partners means … that we approach each new project or partnership with fairness, respect and transparency. It means working together to achieve shared and sustained value creation and holding one another accountable for responsible business practices.


Doing right by our suppliers means … that we consider all options presented to us for decision-making in a fair and objective manner, never on personal relationships. It also means that we are prompt with payment; we are committed to building strong, collaborative relationships, and engaging in regular dialogues with our suppliers to create mutual value.


Doing right by our communities means … that we will support the communities where we operate, working hand in hand with them to uplift their wellbeing. It means we care about societal issues, and we continuously do good in the community, leaving a positive and lasting social impact.