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First Of Its Kind Policy From Prudential Bridges Gap In Health Insurance For Early Stage Critical Illness

  • First policy of its kind to protect against selected complications arising from diabetes1 with future premium waived upon first claim on the 50% Severity Payout
  • PRUearly stage crisis cover helps reduce financial burden resulting from early stage critical illnesses1 and supplement loss of income during recuperation
  • Plan provides coverage against comprehensive suite of 70 different medical conditions and early stage critical illnesses1 including chronic kidney diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and severe asthma

(Singapore - 4 October 2010)

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited ("Prudential Singapore"), one of Singapore's leading life insurers, announces the launch of PRUearly stage crisis cover, an innovative policy that protects against an extensive range of 70 different medical conditions and early stages of critical illnesses1. This is also the first policy of its kind in the industry to offer coverage for selected diabetes related complications1.

It is commonly known that the earlier an illness is discovered, the easier it is to manage it, and the better are the chances of full recovery. Prudential Singapore understands this and wants to be there, right from the early stages of diagnosis of a critical illness, to offer financial support when it is needed the most. PRUearly stage crisis cover is an early payout policy that offers policyholders peace of mind as it will help to defray additional expenses incurred for treatment and on-going medical care as well as supplement loss of income during the recuperation period.

"We recognise the financial and emotional impact that a family faces when a family member is diagnosed with an illness. While the hospitalisation bills and treatment can be covered by PRUshield plans, an additional sum of money from PRUearly stage crisis cover may provide customers with greater financial security and flexibility. Together with PRUmultiple crisis cover which allows up to three claims against major critical illnesses1, Prudential Singapore makes holistic health insurance coverage accessible to everyone," said Mr. Tomas Urbanec, Chief Marketing Officer of Prudential Singapore.

"Innovation is and has always been a hallmark of Prudential Singapore. In today's reality, people are living longer and advances in medicine have made it possible to detect and treat critical illnesses like cancer at very early stages. Understanding the consumers' financial concerns, we are proud to enhance our comprehensive suite of products with PRUearly stage crisis cover that actually provides coverage for early stages of critical illnesses, selected complications arising from diabetes and has a future premium waiver upon first claim on the 50% Severity Payout.

As one of the leading insurers in Singapore, we want to provide our financial expertise to alleviate potential financial burdens of our customers due to illness and enable them to concentrate on recuperating instead. We will continue to bring quality products that address real needs in our society and benefit our consumers," he added.

PRUearly stage crisis cover provides coverage for a wide range of critical illnesses and this includes cancer (at the non-invasive stage), chronic kidney diseases, Alzheimer's disease and severe asthma. The full list of 70 medical conditions can be found in Annex A*.

The policy, being the first of its kind, also offers coverage for complications arising from diabetes, which include diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy or amputation of parts of limbs due to gangrene. According to a Primary Care Survey 2005 (PCS 2005) published by Ministry of Health, one out of 11 people in Singapore aged 18 to 69, has diabetes. This makes up about 10% of the population or 300,000 people. If not managed well, the disease can deteriorate gradually causing complications such as blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure, heart disease and limb amputation. The same study also showed that about half of diabetic patients already have diabetic-related complications at the time of diagnosis.

Based on the statistics released by Ministry of Health on the leading causes of death in Singapore in 2005, 76.8% are due to critical illness. With such alarming numbers, the introduction of PRUearly stage crisis cover means that Prudential now offers Singaporeans one of the widest and most comprehensive suite of health insurance products providing coverage from hospitalisation with PRUshield plans to PRUmultiple crisis cover which provides up to three critical illness claims in one policy1.

PRUearly stage crisis cover is available as a standalone with death benefit of S$3,000 or can be added on as a supplementary benefit without any death benefit, to any regular premium Prudential main plan. For more information, please contact your Prudential Financial Consultant or the PRUCustomer Line at +1800 333 0 333ˆ.


Additional key benefits1 of PRUearly stage crisis cover at a glance:

  • Future premium waived upon first claim on the 50% Severity Payout
  • Allows second claim immediately should a medical condition deteriorate to 100% Severity Payout condition or for a different early stage condition
  • Additional payment over and above the sum assured
    • 10% of the sum assured will be paid upon having undergone Angioplasty and other invasive treatment for Coronary Artery, up to a limit of S$10,000
    • 20% of the sum assured will be paid upon diagnosis of one of the covered Diabetic conditions, up to a limit of S$20,000

1 Terms and conditions apply.


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