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Sqreem – Pattern recognition technology

“We are directly connected into every single digital channel out there that matters, programmatic 2.5 billion sites, every social platform that matters; every app that matters. So now we can profile people (through) the data, we identify patterns, behaviors, and have the ability to automatically target them. It is from data collection business intelligence, marketing, advertising, media buying, all-in-one AI platform that saves a lot of money along the way. And it's a lot more accurate than a human driven journey or workflow.”

Rene Raiss
Chief Technology Officer and Founder, SQREEM Technologies

Moxtra – Collaboration for the mobile era

“The whole vision for the Moxtra collaboration platform is essentially embedding collaboration capabilities from secure messaging, to document sharing (and) real-time audio/video. It was born out of the vision for collaboration on mobile phones. Today in your personal lives, you use FaceTime or Skype for business or Whatsapp. So how do we bring that kind of ease of connecting to people and why should it be any different for businesses to connect with their customers?”

Bala Mohan
General Manager, Products and Operations, MOXTRA INC

Kyckr – Compliance solution

“(When you) store data today it's a day old tomorrow and it becomes unreliable over time. That’s how we differentiate where we're going in. We're going into banks; our biggest customers saying, use our API to make a decision at a point in time on data that has a time and date stamp from the legal source. It's better data, it's more compliant.”

Ben Cronin
Executive Director, KYCKR LTD

"Prudential has selected three fintech startups Kyckr, Moxtra and Sqreem for its inaugural cycle of the PRU Fintegrate Partnership programme. Each of the three startups will go on to work with Prudential mentors and business teams to develop a proof-of-concept for their proposed solutions.

Kyckr, Moxtra and Sqreem were chosen from a shortlist of six finalists based on their unique value proposition, alignment with Prudential’s strategy and business requirements, and their potential to deliver a pilot successfully."

A recap on the PRU Fintegrate Partnership Pitch Day

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