Prudential Singapore is proud to be a Grand Sponsor of the 2017 Singapore FinTech Festival

The PRU Fintegrate Partnership seeks to collaborate with fintech startups in Singapore and globally, and to co-develop digital solutions for customers. This is the first programme of its kind by Prudential globally, and marks a milestone in its continued effort to foster greater innovation in the industry.

The programme focuses on building innovative financial solutions, simple interfaces and seamless experiences for customers. These enhancements will be applied across the entire value-chain – from helping customers understand how to bridge their protection gap and to plan better for their financial future, to simplifying their insurance purchase and claims process, as well as providing Prudential’s Financial Consultants with digital tools to serve their customers better.

PRU Fintegrate is a rapid deployment programme offering startups the unique opportunity to build and to validate prototypes at scale and at speed. This will enable faster development of solutions to enrich the customer experience. The programme also provides a clear end-goal as selected startups may enter into a commercial engagement with Prudential, one of Singapore’s largest life insurers, as well as potentially draw on the firm’s global resources.

Programme Criteria

PRU Fintegrate is open to fintech startups from around the world which share Prudential's commitment to making insurance
simpler and more accessible to customers. The programme has started by working with startups which offer a solution to one of the 19 insurance-related problem statements selected by Prudential from Singapore's 2017 Global Fintech Hackcelerator. The statements cover areas such as customer engagement, financial inclusion, Regtech and other financial categories.

For a start, Prudential will collaborate with startups that have a solid track record and offer solutions that can be applied at scale and at speed. Other selection criteria include the applicability of their solutions to provide better customer experiences, as well as viable customer use cases.

For further information, please download the Singapore FinTech Festival’s Global Fintech Hackcelerator Industry Problem Statements here.

Contact Information

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