Early Stage Disability

We understand that support is needed when simple things in life becomes a challenge.

Sometimes unexpected twists in life may affect your ability to perform some of the simplest tasks, such as walking, seeing clearly, sitting and rising from a chair, communicating, lifting and carrying and removing tablets from a pack.

Early Stage Disability is Singapore's first and only insurance policy that covers you against partial and temporary disablement, as a result of an illness or injury, based on your ability to carry out daily tasks affecting your quality of life. These tasks are Quality of Life Conditions (QLC) which can potentially have a major impact on your lifestyle - and probably your finances. Early Stage Disability starts to provide payout if one is unable to perform at least 2 of the 6 Quality of Life Conditions (QLC), which will affect your quality of life1.

This supplementary benefit provides comprehensive coverage with Partial or Full Payout2 on selected early disabilities. It also covers you for Total and Permanent Disability2 and disabilities as a result of selected hazardous activities under the Special Risk benefit2. Upon the first claim made under Partial Payout2, the future premiums will be waived so you can concentrate on recovery. 



Satisfy 2 out of 6 Quality of Life Conditions1


Upon Total and Permanent Disability2


Number of claims


After first Partial Payout claim

Product Details

Payment Term

Up to 70 Age Next Birthday

Policy Term

5 to 54 years

Up to 70 Age Next Birthday

Issuance Age

16 to 60 Age Next Birthday

Accidental Death Benefit

Not Applicable

Sum Assured

Minimum Sum Assured: $10,000

Maximum Sum Assured: $100,000

Core Benefits
  • Partial or Full payout of Sum Assured upon diagnosis of at least 2 of the listed Quality of Life Conditions1.
  • Full payout of Sum Assured for Total and Permanent Disability2
  • Covers Special Risks such as winter sports, scuba diving3, etc.


  1. If the life assured is more than 15 years old as at the date of his disability and, as a result of illness or injury, satisfies any 2 or 3 of the Quality of Life Conditions under the covered benefits. We will honour the claim provided that any 2 or 3 of the Quality of Life Conditions are certified to be existing conditions suffered by the life assured at least 90 days after the confirmed diagnosis of the illness or injury directly leading up to the development of the relevant Quality of Life Conditions.

    If the life assured is between 28 days and 15 years old at date of disability, we will pay if the life assured is disabled as a result of illness or injury and is confined to a home, Hospital or other institutions requiring constant care and medical attention for the relevant stipulated period required under the covered benefits. Therefore, the Quality of Life Conditions will not be used.
  2. Each benefit is subject to a deferment period prior to a claim being paid out. Deferment period varies accordingly to each benefit and is defined as the period between the confirmed diagnosis of illness or injury and the date of disability. Please refer to the product summary for details.
  3. Please refer to the product summary for the full list of covered risks and activities. Special Risk benefit pays out 20% of the sum assured subject to a maximum claim of $20,000, is payable only if the Early Stage Disability Benefit has not terminated and the total payout has not exceeded the sum assured.


You are recommended to read the product summary and seek advice from a qualified Prudential Financial Consultant for a financial analysis before purchasing a policy suitable to meet your needs.

Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. Premiums are not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on future claims experience.

The information on this website is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. Please refer to the exact terms and conditions, specific details and exclusions applicable to this insurance product in the policy documents that can be obtained from your Prudential Financial Consultant.

The information contained on this website is intended to be valid in Singapore only and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Singapore.

Information is correct as at 22 March 2017.

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