askPRU chatbot makes serving customers a lot easier for financial consultants

Our Financial Consultants use the askPRU chatbot to provide a better service experience to customers.

A first-of-its-kind chatbot that provides our 4,700 Financial Consultants with real-time information specific to their customers' life insurance plans, askPRU allows them to respond to customers' queries even more promptly.

Trained to understand non-scripted questions and probe users to get to the intent of their queries, askPRU delivers responses in a human-like manner and is able to retrieve data instantly. Including a customer's policy cash value, policy premium due date and claim status, among others.

With the introduction of a chat-bot, Prudential needed someone with an in-depth knowledge of the business to "train" the chatbot with the information it needed.

The askPRU chatbot provides real-time information specific to customers’ insurance plans.

Ms Aryani Suhardi, 37, a customer service representative whose job entailed responding to queries from financial consultants, was chosen for the new role. To become a chatbot trainer, she had to pick up the necessary technical skills and went on an intensive half-year training programme with IBM Watson and data scientists from NCS. Last year, Prudential Singapore invested more than 25,000 hours in training employees in leadership, design thinking, innovation, and digital skills. These training hours were complemented by S$70 million invested in technology.

Aryani Suhard, who started out as a Prudential customer service executive, now trains the askPRU chatbot.

Ms Aryani adds: "My role as a chatbot trainer grows every day. From training our very first chatbot, I am now training colleagues to train the bot, and to use the bot to help them in their work. "Our team has moved on to performing higher-value tasks thanks to a bot that is now fielding queries on our behalf. "Personally, I have advanced to more complex bot training modules and working alongside my IT colleagues to enhance the overall user experience of the bot."