Living innovation at PRUWorkplayce

At Prudential, we encourage our people to innovate and to push the boundaries, and our PRUWorkplayce is a reflection of that spirit.

(L to R) Mr. Nic Nicandrou, Chief Executive, Prudential Corporation Asia; Mr. Mike Wells, Group Chief Executive, Prudential plc; Mr. Wilfred Blackburn, Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Singapore; Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies; Ms. Lilian Ng, Chief Executive, Insurance, Prudential Corporation Asia; and Mr. Kai Nargolwala, Non-executive Chairman, Prudential Corporation Asia, at the official opening of Prudential’s new PRUWorkplayce.

PRUWorkplayce is the first of its kind in the local insurance industry. Inspired by Albert Einstein’s philosophy that play is the highest form of research, it integrates work and play at the office.

The PRUWorkplayce features collaboration zones and social spaces that encourage conversation and creativity.

It is the innovation hothouse for our 1000-strong workforce. With its open spaces for collaboration and connection, it has been designed to encourage experimentation, teamwork and self-initiative. We believe such a work culture will help us nurture a future-ready workforce that is agile and adaptive, with the right skillset and mindset to meet the increased and changing demands of our customers, today and tomorrow.

Prudential’s Ignite innovation programme encourages employees to experiment and to create new solutions

Recognising that innovation knows no boundaries in our inter-connected world, we are tapping into multiple sources of creativity to develop solutions that will make insurance simpler.

Our internal ideation platform, Ignite, was launched to challenge employees to come up with ways to improve work processes and increase productivity.

Colleagues at the first Prudential Hothouse. An internal programme that accelerates the ideation process.

In February 2018, we gathered sixty colleagues from the Prudential’s Finance & Actuarial, Customer, Operations, Technology, Partnerships Distribution and Agency Distribution to our very first Prudential Hothouse which is an internal programme that accelerates the ideation process and the speed to market as participating teams start coding and building mock-ups from the onset.