Putting our customers at the heart of our business

A cornerstone of our customer-focused strategy is creating awesome experiences anchored by digital innovation. We want our customers to enjoy “wow” moments that will make them come back for more. Importantly, we want them to feel assured that their financial protection needs are understood and attended to by the best advisors in the business.


Presentation of our customer-focused strategy and demonstration of our Digital Platform.

Technology is a key enabler in this regard. It is not only intrinsic to our deeper appreciation of customer needs but also in creating simple and smart solutions that will satisfy and delight them.

Some of the ways we are doing this:

  • Refining our products and services by engaging with our customers for deeper insight into their lifestyle needs.
  • Harnessing smart data and using analytics to segment and to determine optimal product features and pricing.
  • Arming our financial consultants with artificial intelligence-based tools that help make consultation a breeze.