If your money could talk, what will it tell you?
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Take a closer look, and you'll see the Singapore dollar notes profoundly illustrating Yusof Ishak's triumphs in the different stages and interests of his life. These little details and depictions have molded our relationship with each note.

We're giving these notes a voice to share the stories that inspired them. Watch them come to life through our AR filters to learn how you can invest in a world you want to live in.

S$2 - An Education for the Foundation

Did you know the schools on our $2 note are in fact Yusof Ishak’s alma maters? He sought an English education after moving to Singapore1, and that set him on a path to change the future of our country.

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S$5 - Protecting Our Garden City

The Vanda Miss Joaquim featured on our $5 note, a nod to the time Yusof Ishak made a living growing orchids.2 He remained an avid gardener in our Garden City.

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S$10 - Strategising Through Sports

Not only was Yusof Ishak an avid sportsman, he was really good at all that he participated in. He even emerged as a champion in boxing and weightlifting, winning the Aw Boon Par Cup in 1932.³

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S$50 - Finding Harmony in Diversity

Yusof Ishak became President in a challenging period for Singapore. He promoted multiracialism, meeting people of different races and helping to bring unity to the nation.

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