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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prudential announced the roll out of PRUCare Package to provide cash benefits for those quarantined or hospitalised due to the COVID-19, as well as aid for SMEs whose businesses are affected by the disease. Find out more

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They say the person at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. Perhaps it’s time to relax, enjoy the view and let others do the work for you. With products designed to protect you and your assets, start with a bespoke, comprehensive financial plan from Prudential.

Keyman Insurance      Asset Management      Retirement Planning      Succession Planning


Keyman Insurance


The cornerstone of a successful company often comprises a few key people who provide the leadership and vision that drive growth. Should the unthinkable happen, the loss of even one of you could be devastating to the company.

Keyman protection helps to fill the vacuum left by the loss of a key appointment holder by covering critical expenses. It is also an attractive incentive to entice your core team members to stay with the company.

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Asset Management


You’ve worked for this all your life, now make your wealth work for you. Prudential Singapore will do our best to help you grow your wealth by offering holistic financial planning that ensures your finances are taken care of.

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Retirement Planning


Time and tide wait for no man. In a rapidly aging society, not only do you have to care for your own health but also that of your dependants. In fact, 77% of High Net Worth individuals in China live in nuclear families with a child to care for in addition to an average of 3 elderly family members*.

By availing yourself of first class advice from both financial and medical experts in Singapore, you’ll be ensuring your physical and fiscal well-being for years to come.

*Source: Retirement Planning and Healthcare of Chinese HNWIs 2016, Hurun Report & Taikang.

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Succession Planning


A succession plan keeps your assets in the family and distributes them as you see fit. Freed from concerns over wealth transmission, you’ll be spending more time on the golf course with your friends and less time in lawyers’ offices tussling over who gets what.

To ensure the equitable distribution of your assets, consider using an insurance policy. With 85 years’ experience in Singapore, Prudential is uniquely placed to advise you on what best suits you.

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