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Prudential x SuperM

A partner with a K-pop phenomenon to help people DO well and stay healthy.

We are bringing you a wellness experience like never before. Proudly presenting our partnership to DO wellness with the K-pop phenomenon, SuperM. Join us now to countdown to something SUPER!

The Avengers of K-Pop

SuperM was formed in 2019. It is a combined team of seven outstanding artists, including SHINee's TAEMIN, EXO's BAEKHYUN and KAI, NCT 127's TAEYONG and MARK, and WayV's LUCAS and TEN.

The "M" in SuperM represents "Matrix and Master", with each member embodying "Super" synergy from their own very well established K-pop bands.

SuperM's debut and advocate for wellness

No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 Chart
SuperM debuted their first 'mini album' in October 2019 in both the United States and Korea. The mini album topped the Billboard 200 albums chart and sold out 164,000 units during their release.
Advocate for mental wellbeing
SuperM performed the World Health Organization's "Big Event for Mental Health".

A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be boring.
Prudential x SuperM

Ever wonder how SuperM DO Health?

Ever wonder how SuperM DO Health?

Who says you can’t have fun and be healthy at the same time? Throughout 2021, we want to inspire you to lead healthier lives, and have fun doing it. Find out what SuperM does on a daily basis to keep their health and wellness in check.
Dance Competition

Dance with #PRUxSuperM

Take charge of your wellness. Together with a group of friends, get creative and create a dance piece inspired by SuperM's 'We DO' music video.
Come Dance with Us

Join the Pulse My Communities Quiz

Joined our #WeDODanceSG Dance Challenge but want more chances to win exclusive Prudential x SuperM merchandise and Prudential x SuperM We DO Virtual Concert & Fan Meet tickets? Be sure to take part in our weekly Pulse My Communities Quiz. Download Pulse by Prudential and join in the fun as you show off your SuperM knowledge!
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SuperM DO Health

Let's hear what SuperM has to say.

We don't average. #WeDO awesome, together.
When we want something #WeDO everything we can to achieve it.
We don't just say it.#WeDO it.
Spreading positive energy and working hard for what we love..thats #WeDO
Come on now and join us for some fun!
WeDO everything to become better version of ourselves
Who says wellness can't be fun?
Join us to DO Wellness

Join us to DO Wellness like never before

We are so proud of this collaboration with SuperM to make wellness fun, and we can’t wait to see how you guys react to it.
SuperM backlight

Get one step closer to SuperM

Meet all the members in SuperM and get to know them better.
Discover more
SuperM concrete wall background

Join our dance community

Meet like-minded people and inspire each other to start dancing and have fun.
Discover more

See how #WeDo Dance