Opus by Prudential: In a Cask of Its Own

The most sophisticated creations in life often originate from a single ingredient. In the whisky maturation process, master blenders often say that it starts with the water. The water that the whisky is produced with is the source of a whisky’s legacy. In fact, the word “whisky” originates from the Scottish term “uisce beatha” (pronounced us-que-baugh), which means “water of life”. Without the water, there’s no legacy to speak of. It brings together the ingredients in whisky-making and transforms them over time into casks of liquid gold. And even within a distillery, flavour profiles of the whisky that’s produced each year can differ greatly, requiring different ways to blend and age them.

Likewise, at Opus by Prudential, our expertise in crafting your legacy starts with honouring and respecting the source of your life's achievements - you. Without you, there would be no legacy to protect. In the same vein, you are the key to transforming your lifetime’s successes into a greater whole. Opus’ solutions are how we achieve this transformation. And as no two legacies are the same, they require a unique blend of our solutions, tailored to your needs.

Finding the Perfect Cask

In whisky making, the greatest challenge for any Master Blender is pairing the right cask with the distilled liquid. With multiple distillations, the liquid is more purified and can age for a longer period, enabling it to slowly and surely gain a greater range of interesting flavours. This is an art, requiring the Master Blender to possess a keen sense of smell and imagination, to deduce what sort of flavours a distillate will be able to extract from a particular cask, and how the original notes of the distillate will flourish and grow, interacting further with the cask and diversifying its bouquet.

Our Private Wealth Consultants are like Master Blenders when it comes to crafting your legacy. They are equipped with a keen sense of understanding when it comes to protecting your achievements, the capacity to assess what you’ll need for the future, and to help you plan for it. A Master Blender can look at a unique cask, pair it with the right distillate and visualise its potential decades down the road. They are able to look at your legacy and see its potential to mature even further over time, when paired with our tailored solutions.

And just like how a Master Blender will continually sample each cask a few times a year to ensure the whisky is maturing and becoming richer with flavour over time, our Private Wealth Consultants regularly review your plans for your legacy, to ensure it is amply protected.

A Golden Opportunity Worth Investing In

Whisky is quite literally a legacy that’s aged and bottled. An age expression indicates when the whisky was casked, and it’s history that is also encapsulated in that cask. To celebrate your history and legacy, we’ve partnered with the renowned Scotch single malt whisky distillery, Auchentoshan, to craft a unique single-cask whisky.

Cask 9006, a first-fill American Oak hogshead, was paired with Auchentoshan’s triple-distilled liquid in 1990, resulting in a distinctive bouquet with hints of coconut, vanilla and oak spices, whilst keeping the signature smoothness Auchentoshan is well known for. It’s aged for decades, unsampled by anyone except the Master Blender and the angels’ share, slowly maturing and evolving notes of vanilla, tropical fruit, and much more. It’s a unique cask from a unique distillery, specially bottled for a unique audience - you. With the Auchentoshan 1990 Single Cask Vintage Limited Release, the distiller’s legacy of crafting unique whiskies are intertwined with our unique tailored solutions for our customers.

Speak with your Opus Private Wealth Consultant to learn how you can stand a chance to acquire this rare bottle of Auchentoshan 1990 Single Cask Vintage Limited Release. If you are not an Opus customer yet, get in touch with us today and we will share more about this golden opportunity.

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