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It Takes Dedication To
Craft A Family Legacy

Whether you were born into your family's legacy, or created one through hard work, you've made your way to the top. Through it all, you remain dedicated to what truly matters – your family. What kind of legacy will you leave for them?

At Opus, we will tailor solutions that helps you fulfil your retirement dreams, protect your assets and create a smooth transfer of your wealth.

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Protect Your Legacy Draw

Thank you for participating in Protect Your Legacy Draw. We have concluded our promotion.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Protect Your Legacy Draw! Winner’s list here.

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The Opus Legacy Roundtable

Learn from iconic businessmen and women who’ve crafted their own family legacies in our exclusive Roundtable series. Spanning three episodes, each episode delves into the lives of these successful figures while exploring various aspects of a legacy.


The Opus Experience

Legacy Giving

Because no two successful individuals are the same, we’re dedicated to creating personalised wealth planning experiences to give you the best.

Our Solutions

Because no two successful individuals are the same, we’re dedicated to creating personalised wealth planning experiences to give you the best.

Professional Advice

Your vision for the future is unique. That’s why the Opus experience is tailor made around you.

Seamless Service & Support

The less time you need to spend creating your legacy, the more time you’ll have to enjoy precious moments today.

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The Opus Experience

Legacy Giving

You’ve taken care of yourself and your loved ones. Now you want to further impact the lives of others and leave a lasting expression of your values and commitment to a cause.

A legacy gift is a meaningful gift with a deep personal statement enabling you to share your good fortune and support the communities and causes important to you.

With your plans in place, you will have peace of mind knowing that your legacy gift will be stewarded with care, enriching lives and making impact, for years to come.

Our Solutions

At Opus, we offer a new approach to wealth management and legacy planning. An approach that puts you at the centre, enabling you to craft the legacy that’s right for you, and for the next generation.

From wealth transfer, asset and business protection to international medical and retirement needs, Opus solutions enable you to craft the future you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

Professional Advice

Regardless of your circumstance, ambition or vision, Opus offers privileged access to professional advice and insights to meet your unique needs.

Private Wealth Consultants

Our team of Private Wealth Consultants and Wealth Planners are accomplished professionals, handpicked for their track record in providing personalised service to high net worth individuals.

Independent Panels

Opus clients have access to a complimentary first consultation* with our independent panels providing:

  • Legal and Estate Planning Advice
  • Tax and Business Advisory
  • Fiduciary and Trust Advisory
  • Family Office Advisory
  • Legacy Giving

The panels offer objective consultation on areas of interest such as wealth transfer, asset and business protection, legacy and estate planning, philanthropy and more.

*Complimentary first consultation is valid for one time use with one value-added services (VAS) partner.

Seamless Service & Support

As part of the Opus promise, you can be assured of a seamless experience. From VIP medical services at one of Singapore’s finest healthcare clinics to swift underwriting and dedicated case management - all facilitated by your dedicated Private Wealth Consultant.



Enjoy experiences and privileges specially created to reflect your taste and style. From welcome and birthday gifts to invitation to experiential events all with the aim of delivering the distinctive Opus moments.

  • Bespoke welcome gifts upon joining the Opus family
  • Receive birthday delights to commemorate your special day
  • Be invited to exclusive and unique event experiences
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