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Tasty, Healthy, Affordable: Could a Foodie ask for more?

Are you a foodie? Have you found the sweet spot that balances food, health AND cost?
Good news is, there are many restaurants around the island that cater to these already. But with each meal ranging between $9 and $13, these can balloon your food expenses a little, especially if you have such a meal once a day, every day.
So here’s a little cheat sheet for you to get more value for your money when it comes to tasty and healthy food.
Save on meal costs with a subscription
Did you know that there are seven healthy food delivery services1 for you to pick and choose from? The best part: they’re all easily accessible online.
Simply choose the meals you want to eat, and get them delivered as and when you want them. Some options are even freezable so you can consume them as quick dinners later that month. Talk about having tasty, healthy food at your fingertips!
Healthy food delivery services in Singapore

Food delivery service

Expected cost

Nutrify Meals

From $6 per meal

AMGDLite (Poke Bowls only)

From $7 per meal

Yummy Bros

From $7 per meal

Eat Fit Meal Prep

From $10.95 per meal

Fresher Singapore

From $10.95 per meal


From $10.95 per meal


From $12 per meal

Be in the know
Are you aware of all the ongoing food promotions across the island to feed your foodie cravings? Look to Telegram channels like @SG Food Deals and @SG Kiasu Foodies that give you the latest updates on great deals to enjoy in your foodie adventures.
And of course, your own research can reveal if your latest haunt has further promotions with specific credit cards, vouchers you can buy with Chope, or even delivery food deals so you can gain even more in savings.
Take matters directly into your own hands
Alternatively, instead of eating out, why not be your own chef? Many YouTube channels out there can coach you, step by step. Some, like The Meatmen channel, even give tips on how you can save on ingredient costs at our local grocery marts2.
Concerned about a lack of time to cook? Prep your meals for the whole week in advance.
From oatmeal cups or protein muffins for breakfast to-gos, to stews, gratins or lasagnes for easy microwaveable dinners3, save time on meal prep by making freezable meals at a go.
Meet other foodies
Want to know more? Join our Healthy Eating Community on the Pulse app for more tips from like-minded individuals on how to eat healthy yet enjoyable meals.
1 https://blog.seedly.sg/best-healthy-food-delivery-singapore/
2 The Meatmen Channel
3 Freezer meals
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