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5 eco-friendly gifts for your foodie friends

These days, the number of people who experiment in cooking or baking at home has skyrocketed1. Is your friend a budding chef, or perhaps just an enthusiastic foodie? If you’re looking to get them something unique, an eco-friendly kitchen gift is the way to go! After all, a little goes a long way when it comes to playing our part to save the earth.
Here are five green gift ideas for them:
1. Reusable coffee filters and capsule containers
Coffee filters are a must-have for all coffee lovers who rely on having a good cuppa to start their day. Commonly, disposable paper is the go-to material for these filters. Sounds eco-friendly already, right? But did you know, being eco-friendly doesn’t just mean using paper and biodegradable materials.
The core of it is to reduce your impact on the environment — and in this case, paper waste is still waste. Therefore, newer options are popping up that can help reduce waste altogether, from metal to cloth (cotton) coffee filters, so your friends can enjoy coffee without feeling guilty about the environment.
For the friends who are into coffee capsule machines, you don’t have to leave them out — reusable coffee pods are also all the rage these days. Help them save money and the Earth by saying goodbye to single use coffee pods!
2. Grow-your-own-produce kits
With the advancement of technology, gardening is no longer restricted to the outdoors. Your friends can now grow their greens indoors.
These days, indoor gardening kits come with lighting setups to allow budding gardeners to grow fruits, herbs, vegetables, or even mushrooms of their choice easily.
These kits are relatively fail-safe; just place the seeds into the prepared pods of the kit, add water, and plug it into an electricity source. They will germinate in no time.
With an urban gardening kit like this, your friends will have fresh food at home without needing to go to the store. Talk about staying safe while reducing their carbon footprint.
A rewarding hobby — grow your wealth
Considering how a bottle of kombucha can set you back by $6.90 or more, think about how much you’ll save if you start brewing your own. Not only that, it can be a fun new activity for you to try your hand at as well.
No kombucha brewers in your social circle to get a scoby and get started? Many small kombucha manufacturers do sell their scoby or even starter kits to consumers who want to try making it themselves.
There are also plenty of interest groups on social media with kombucha enthusiasts who would be more than happy to give you (for free) some of their scoby and starter tea (as well as a lot of advice).
Who knows, there might even come a day where you get a chance to turn your own kombucha into a home-based business opportunity. The popularity of kombucha is surging in Singapore after all, and your investment could reap you rewards as it grows over time.
3. Silicone covers and food bags
It’s common to use a plastic wrap to cover your containers when you put leftovers in the fridge. Why not switch to silicone covers instead that are reusable? These can be stretched over most containers, storing food for as long a period as it is possible with plastic wrap, but without hurting the environment.
They are also microwave-safe and incredibly durable so it stretches their dollar for longer — used properly, each cover can last for years, way more than a single-use plastic wrap.
The same goes for silicone food bags, which come in sets of different shapes and sizes for convenience. They’re sustainable, airtight and leak proof — what more can a person ask for in a container?
4. Reusable beeswax wrap
What about food on the go? Single-use plastics like zip-lock bags can be replaced with an eco-friendly option: reusable beeswax wrap. It’s biodegradable and creates zero waste.
Not to mention, they’re a lot nicer to look at than the old plain plastic since they often come in lovely designs. By using this, your friend wouldn’t contribute to the ever-increasing plastic pollution whenever they bring their sandwiches around.
5. Bamboo chopping boards
Chopping boards are an essential tool for every kitchen. As the eco-friendly movement is gaining steam, so does its alternative to plastic chopping boards. Why not try a bamboo chopping board?
Water-resistant and easy to maintain, bamboo is also far more sustainable. Because of their durability, they are also much more resistant to bacteria as they are less prone to scratches and nicks, which are breeding grounds for microbes.
Help a friend get started on the eco journey with these gifts that minimise one’s impact on the environment. Even if a tad more expensive than traditional options, these eco-friendly gifts go a long way and are definitely worth the investment.
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