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Tips for a life well-lived — the John Yeong way

What does it take to answer the call of your passion? Determination and courage, especially for fitness junkie and entrepreneur John Yeong.
In his pursuit of his goals, he’s also learnt to place great importance on his health and wellness, making sure that they are an integral part of his life. After all, living well is an ongoing process that is achieved with good habits and preparedness.
Having picked up some learnings along the way, here are four tips for a life well-lived, as told by John.
#1 It’s ok to pursue your passions wherever you are in life
For many people, being able to merge their passions with their career is a challenge that requires self-belief and drive to achieve. It might have taken John a little longer to connect the dots, but it is with those qualities that he managed to figure out just where his passion and purpose converges.
Marrying his love of sports with his passion for content creation, he became a sports presenter-turned-producer before finally starting his own business at Sport Plus Media Pte Ltd1.
Taking a leaf out of his book, it’s never too late to pursue your passions. After all, he continues, “Until the day arrives where we realize what our purpose is and what we're created for, we will just be merely existing.”
#2 Prepare for life events by planning ahead
One look at John’s athletic physique and you know he leads an active lifestyle that keeps him well. But still, even the fittest of us are vulnerable to health scares; John himself has also suffered a life-threatening medical condition in the past.
Having undergone almost 9 months of treatment, he also incurred quite a hefty medical bill. Thankfully medical insurance helped cover his hospital expenses, and took a load off his shoulders.
Indeed, this can happen to anyone, even to the best of us. It’s all the more crucial that we take extra care to protect ourselves with health insurance coverage such as PRUShield.
John is proactive about planning his own finances too, and even checks in with his parents to ensure they are well taken care of financially in their retirement. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to worry too much about them on the financial front — they were his role models and diligently did their own investments and retirement planning much earlier.
Not sure where to start? An insurance savings plan can empower you on your pursuits and help you on the journey towards growing your wealth based on your financial needs.
#3 Make holistic wellness a key focus in life
John has also made health a priority in his life, and it doesn't just stop at physical wellness with his running. He also incorporates mental, emotional and social wellness into his workouts and his life.
He does this through yoga and high intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness classes where he gets to learn and work out with other people. “I think working out in a group or with friends does help, since they hold you accountable,” he says.
When he needs some quiet time alone, John recharges and refreshes his mind through other hobbies like painting.
He’s also big on spending time with his parents, be it through simple activities like having dinner with them or taking walks together at local parks like Mount Faber and the Henderson waves.
“I try to encourage my parents to also lead an active lifestyle together with me, even though the kind of activities they can do isn’t the same due to their age. So I do need to be more mindful about the stuff I get them to try,” he says.
#4 Speak positively to yourself
Despite the multi-faceted nature of health and wellness, the key comes from within — through changing your ‘self-talk’ to be more positive and self-acceptance.
“Once we treat ourselves with more compassion and understanding, the same kind that we would extend to someone we love and care about, our self-talk will change naturally,” says John.
He continues, “Sometimes we might talk to ourselves in a negative way and not even be aware of it. That’s why it is important that we also know our weaknesses, because it’s a big part of self acceptance. That will help us embrace our flaws, give ourselves space to improve, and eventually learn to speak and be kinder to ourselves.”
Indeed, the pursuit of wellness is an ongoing process that requires commitment and being prepared for whatever comes your way. Reach out to a Financial Consultant today to map out your future needs.
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