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Extroverted or introverted? Here’s how to build good social habits

Social relationships are important for our well-being — they help us navigate our problems and stress while being a source of joy and contentment. In fact, those who have strong social connections may lead healthier and longer1 lives.
Without a doubt the quality of these relationships matter too. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Let’s explore how you can build good social habits to ensure that you maintain these healthy bonds according to your personality.
A social butterfly with tons of friends? You might be an extrovert
Do you thrive on social gatherings? Like many extroverts, you enjoy being in large groups and tend to be the one spearheading activities. After hours and weekends always offer a brief respite from work, giving you a chance to rest or catch up with your family and friends.
But when there’s a limit on the size of social gatherings, these engagements can be stressful — how do you pick and choose who attends, and make sure that the others don’t feel left out? How do you make sure that you still get the energy you need?
What extroverts can do
1. Gather in smaller groups
Everyone’s trying to enjoy socialising safely, so why not meet in smaller groups of twos or threes instead? That way, everyone will feel comfortable with the restrictions and you still get to catch up with them.
2. Include virtual meetups in your schedule
Want to see all your friends in one space? Consider having virtual catch-ups and online game sessions with them as part of your social schedule too! Not only do they help to bypass group size limits, they also keep you connected to loved ones who might be across time zones and borders.
3. Schedule social activities over an extended period of time
Have a tendency to overcommit? Strike a balance by scheduling your social activities across consecutive weekends (instead of consecutive days) so that you get some personal time too.
Need lots of personal time? You've probably an introvert
Unlike extroverts, a packed social calendar can get a bit draining and you would need to factor in ‘alone’ time to recharge after.
Despite planning and looking forward to catching up with your loved ones, you might still get cold feet — especially if your social battery isn’t very big or as big as it used to be.
How do you ensure you have a healthy social calendar that makes time for others and yourself too?
What introverts can do
1. Find a reason to go out that excites you
Meeting someone for lunch? Pick your favourite restaurant or someplace that you’ve been meaning to visit. That way, you have an additional reason to be psyched about going out.
2. Stick to smaller, intimate gatherings
Don’t have the bandwidth to meet people on a large scale? That’s okay — just stick to smaller get-togethers with close friends and family. Quality time with your loved ones will always leave you feeling fulfilled!
3. Try activities that allow you to be “alone but with others”
Want to socialise but worried about the pressure to constantly keep up with the conversation? Try activities that let you be “alone but with others”, such as exercising together, attending workshops to learn new skills, or picking up new hobbies. That way, you can still enjoy each other's company without having to constantly fill the silence.
4. Remember your alone time
Schedule your alone time for the day after a social engagement so you can recover by doing what you love to do. It could be a walk, reading a book, or even binge-watching your favourite dramas.
Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, your social relationships are important! Especially in the pandemic, when more than a third of Singaporeans say they don’t know who to turn to for support when they need it most.2
Learning how to manage all your social relationships and build new good habits can help you better take care of yourself for the coming year ahead. Check out more wellness articles here.
This article is for your information only and does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any persons.
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