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How an artist found the drive to pursue her passions

Do you have a passion? Perhaps you already have a clear idea and you even want to integrate it with your career!
According to multimedia artist Tan Zi Xi, doing so has enabled her to live a more fulfilled life. Find out how she managed to achieve it, and some tips she has for anyone who’s interested in pursuing passions of their own as a career.
Finding her path
While she’d always had a flair for drawing, it wasn't until when she was much older that she really considered the possibility and found the courage to do art and design as a career.
“My brother studied medicine and he was very driven. I wanted to do well academically too so I could be on the same level. It took me a while to realise that that wasn’t my strength,” says Zi Xi.
It requires a leap of faith, especially when it’s an unconventional route, but the results will definitely be rewarding.
For her, the benefits of doing art extend far beyond self-expression or a career. It is also therapeutic as it offers a window of escape from social media — art has become a sort of meditation she does now.
The journey to pursuing her passion
Easing into her career has its challenges. Thanks to a scholarship, she managed to overcome financial challenges and pursue her degree in arts.
A medical scare further emphasised the importance of being adequately protected. Thankfully she has health insurance coverage under PRUShield which helped pay for her hospitalisation bills, allowing her to continue pursuing her passion in art without worries.
Indeed, prudent planning helps to ensure you’re protected for whatever comes your way while also helping you to accomplish the things you want to achieve.
Advocating for social and environmental causes in her work
Many people tend to associate Zi Xi’s work with the natural landscape due to the strong motifs of flora and fauna. It comes as no surprise that these environmental issues are causes that are dear to her heart.
She strives to impact her audience with her work and spur them on to make a change, rather than just creating art that’s purely for decorative purposes.
She says, “We first need to be convinced that there is a problem out there. With that conviction, I think it will trickle into our actions. It could be as simple as being conscious about your plastic bag usage, or bringing your own tumbler when you head out to buy a drink. Even small actions add up.”
Exploring mental health themes through art
As an adjunct lecturer at NAFA, she’s playing a part in shaping the future art scene in Singapore. Moreover, her interactions with her students have also shed light on another cause she feels strongly about — mental health.
“People are talking about it more now, but the stigma still exists. People feel like they should shy away from the topic and from being honest about the state of their own mental health, because they feel that others may not understand what they are going through,” says Zi Xi.
To raise awareness about its importance, she hopes to be able to explore more mental health themes in her future artworks.
Planning for the future
At the end of the day, what fuels Zi Xi’s drive to continue pursuing her passion is her desire to create meaningful works that will resonate with others.
She’s also committed to improving herself every day, especially through exploring different types of artistic skills and mediums so that she can take on opportunities whenever they come through her doors.
Walking on the path less travelled comes with its own set of ups and downs, but it is achievable with proper plans in place. As for Zi Xi, she hopes that more people will be courageous enough to pursue their passions.
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