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The True Value of Your Passion for Collection

What do you collect? If you’re a sneakerhead, maybe you’ve been hunting down the Afew ‘Koi’ collab with Asics or the ultra-rare “Backwards Swoosh” Nikes on StockX. Or perhaps you’re a collector of Japanese anime toy models. You may be surprised to discover that your collection could potentially be more valuable than expected, someday.
What Collectibles Are In Trend?
Collectibles come in all types, but often, toys and other models are what most people spend their time and money acquiring. Sneakers, artworks, rare stamps and coins, comic books and vinyl records are just a handful of things that collectors spend their time on. More often than not, it follows their passions. These collections start out as interests and become a potential investment.
For collector Simon Sim (@00simons00 on Instagram), his collection started out in exactly this manner. It morphed into a way to trade collectibles and make some money so that he could gain access to rarer artefacts. Today, he has a core group of collector friends, their friendships forged over the pursuit of rare toys. He even makes annual pilgrimages with his wife to Japan, which they both love, in pursuit of skiing, fine Japanese cuisine and rare anime toys. “Obviously most toys don’t see a massive increase in value over a short period unless they are very rare pieces. But over a few years, you’ll see that mint condition toys increase in value, probably around 3-5% a year,” he opines.
Keeping It Mint
Collectors of all types distinguish between ‘mint condition’ and ‘non-mint’. The latter, of course, tends to fetch a lower value unless there are special reasons. One good example is the Chanel Bearbrick, which is a highly covetable model in mint condition, but fetches around 40-60% less in an unsealed condition3.
‘Mint condition’ means your product must be in pristine condition, with original packaging if the object comes packaged. There are different terms: Mint in Box; Mint in Package; Mint in Sealed Box; Never Removed From Box. Most dealers will tell you that limited or special edition versions of anything tend to be worth more in mint condition.
It Takes 20 Years?
However, it’s not always easy to tell which collectible will end up attracting interest on the grey market, and which ones won’t. Used vintage Hasbro G.I. Joe figures that are non-limited have fetched up to six figures on eBay, and first edition comic books are often valued in the thousands. As a rule of thumb, dealers have a “20-year rule”1. That’s the time it takes for kids who grew up with these pop culture influences, to mature into wealthier adults who can afford to buy these toys to reminisce about their childhood.
There are, of course, other factors. Popular culture often turns typical cult collectibles into covetable investments. For example, after The Walking Dead was turned into a television series and became incredibly successful, copies of the comic’s pilot spiked in prices online2. The fact that there are more platforms out there today for collectors to reach interested buyers has also changed things. From StockX to Carousell and even Reddit, people can easily offer up their collections for sale. The result is that rarer pieces now fetch even greater demand and prices, compared with non-limited collectibles.
Not Always
Not Always
Other products such as luxury watches or handbags are known to retain their value over time, and are known to appreciate in value, whether in mint condition or not. When it comes to watches, however, it’s not only rare high-end brands that see increases in value over time. Special edition models can earn a lot of interest on the second-hand market.
Much like how collectibles appreciate in value and interest over time, your savings and financial plans need time to accumulate value for your future. That’s why it’s important to start your financial planning as early as possible in life, so you can attain your financial goals.
To help you accumulate your wealth over time, we have a range of insurance savings plans that let you save over a short or long term to reach your goals. You can also speak with a Prudential Financial Consultant to learn how you can grow your wealth over time.
1 Article by the Wall Street Journal, click here.
2 Price guide for The Walking Dead #1 Comic here.
3 Price of the Coco Chanel Bearbrick on StockX (mint) and TheRealReal (used).
This article is for your information only and does not consider your specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend that you seek advice from a Prudential Financial Consultant before making a commitment to purchase a policy.
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