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Want To Become A Plant Parent? Start With These

While the healing properties of nature are well understood, not everyone has the time to visit a park. As it turns out, there’s a way to bring nature indoors too! In fact, caring for houseplants has become one of the most popular pastimes these days.
Some plant enthusiasts have even gone beyond the “regular” plants that are available in mass markets; they’re more than willing to splurge five-figure sums1 to tend to their hobby. Of course, not everyone needs to be as invested.
Why the green hype?
When you’ve been in front of computer screens and staying indoors all day, it is said that tending to plants offers a brief digital detox2 that helps improve your mental health.
Taking time out of your busy day to care and tend to your plants encourages you to slow down and be present in the moment. Not to mention the satisfaction you get when you see your plants grow taller or bloom!
Houseplants are also generally easy to take care of, they only need adequate water and lighting conditions (sunlight) along with the proper pots. But with so many types of plants to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what kind of collection you want.
Types of plants you can grow based on your lifestyle:
For beginners and the time-starved:
Air plants require minimal care and can survive in harsh environments, just like cacti and succulents. Therefore, these plant species can be appealing for people with busy schedules or who are completely new to gardening.
Air plants get their nutrients and water from their green leaves, not their roots, so they don’t require drained soil to grow, saving space in the process. The best part? They’re decorative too.
Cacti and succulents also have water-storing tissues that allow them to survive in dry air and warm climates (hello Singapore household temperatures).
But if you’re looking to add a bit more green to your living space, you might want to try growing aroids instead. Aroids are your typical leafy green houseplants, including species like aglaonemas, monsteras, peace lilies. Similarly, they are not high maintenance, requiring only weekly watering and indoor light.

For the foodies and insect-free house enthusiasts:
If you cook at home and enjoy having fresh herbs in your dishes, why not grow your own basil, rosemary, and mint? They are common ingredients used in cooking.
Not only that, these plants are also an effective mosquito repellent, a great boon for people living on lower floors or during the rainy seasons of Singapore when the insects proliferate.
With these plants, you get a mosquito-free living space and the opportunity to incorporate them into your next meal.


For the unique collectors:
Perhaps you want something even more special, as do others who are willing to splurge on this green hobby. You could consider some of the most in-demand3 rare plants, like the Philodendron spiritus sancti4 and the variegated tiger orchid5, the world’s largest orchid that’s native to Singapore.
Having houseplants is a trend that does not seem to be dying down anytime soon. With its apparent benefits for mental health, and the ease of which to own them, all you need to do is find one that fits based on your budget, personality, and daily routine.
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