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A Year of Opportunity

What are you investing your time in this year to help you get the most out of life? Living well begins with a healthier life, mind, and body. But how? There are plenty of activities that you can try.
Fell off the fitness wagon last year? You are not alone.
For many, lifestyles became much more sedentary1 after the pandemic started. Squeezing in just 30 minutes2 of exercise everyday can go a long way in helping you manage chronic diseases. Here are some activities to help kickstart your fitness journey!
Get some vitamin D
Spending more time indoors means we get less vitamin D, one of the most common vitamin deficiencies yet one of the easiest to intake — if we just step outside. Why not try cycling, or better yet, fulfill your teenage dreams and pick up skateboarding? They’re both exciting, improve foot-eye coordination, and can help you get around easily while squeezing some physical activity into your day.
Bring the gym to your home
Don’t want to go out? Staying home to exercise is an option too. YouTube is a good source of free online workout videos that are easy to follow even for beginners. And you can be as unglamourous you want — no one’s looking!
Pop out for a walk
Alternatively, get some physical activity in with just a walk around the neighbourhood. Tip: start with a daily goal of steps to hit and work your way up to the recommended 10,000 a day, and use step-trackers like that on the Pulse by Prudential app to help you meet your goal.
Worried about work, family or just the state of the world? You aren’t the only one.
Your mind’s health matters when it comes to living well. Sometimes, taking a step back to catch your breath and reset might be just what you need.
Journal your thoughts
To make the most out of life, you need energy, and to be energised, you need to be at peace with yourself. Did you know penning your thoughts can give you clarity on your feelings, pressures and fears? Journaling makes them much easier to grapple with. So, grab a pen, and start writing!
Get your creative juices flowing
Have a little time? Spend your weekend sketching at a park, colouring at home, or just get your hands dirty with pottery classes. Art is proven to help reduce depression and anxiety, and improve resilience3, so embrace the healing powers of art today.
Spend quality time with loved ones
When was the last time you played a round of Monopoly or had a good old mahjong session as a bonding activity with your loved ones? Spending quality time together can be a great mood booster.
Be part of the change
Living well includes living sustainably too. Earth is the only home we have — who will protect it if not us?
Plant a tree
Are you proud of our garden city? Be a part of the green movement and plant your own tree with National Parks. This can promote biodiversity, facilitate our water management and provide clean air. It can also improve your health and well-being.
Be an urban farmer
Singapore envisions reducing her dependence on food imports by 2030. Want to help? Participate in a workshop and learn to grow your own vegetables and herbs, or even pick up your own farming kit and get started at home.
Whether you want to build more memories with your loved ones or enrich the lives of others through giving back to the community, don’t be afraid to embrace new experiences. It’s a year of opportunity, so go forth and embark on your journey to living well today.
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