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Putting wellness first — Unique activities to try this holiday season

The year is almost over. As the holiday season rolls around, it’s time to give yourself a little breather and recharge with fun activities.
Whether you want to spend time alone or strengthen the connection you share with your family and friends1, here are some activities to try:
Do-it-yourself, by yourself
For those looking for some “me time”, why not create something with your hands?
Forget painting — take on the challenge with woodworking. Almost reminiscent of D&T classes, you can saw, hack and sandpaper your way to a new piece of custom furniture, chopping boards and jewellery boxes.
Rug tufting is also recently popular, and it encourages individuals to channel their focus to the activity at hand and forget their worries — you just need to pay close attention to where you weave with your tufting gun. The best part? You get to bring home your own custom designed rug!
And for those who want a whole healing experience, try a wellness retreat. Unlike a typical getaway, a wellness retreat involves taking part in a range of planned programmes that are aimed at helping you truly relax.
You can spend time in nature with activities like sound therapy, yoga workouts, spa treatments, or even enjoy a massage while relaxing to the music from a live cellist.
Activities to enjoy on your own or with your loved ones
For the adventurous souls, why not try axe-throwing or a rage room as a form of release? Vent all your stress or frustrations, and by the time you’re spent, you’ll have a much clearer mind.
Not into throwing things? Try gliding into the new year. Rollerblading or roller skating can be enjoyed solo, with your young children, and even your aged parents! They might even be better than you if they were part of the roller-disco era of the 70s and 80s. What better way to bring the whole family together?
The gift of giving
You could even partake in volunteering activities — in animal shelters, children’s homes, nursing homes, or charity events — that would always be looking out for a pair of hands. Not only would it bring you joy (self-healing), you would also be able to make a difference in the lives of others.
Are you excited about how you can recharge yourself for next year? Try the above activities out, or check out more Wellness articles here for some inspiration.

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