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Brew-it-yourself: The health benefits of kombucha

When you think of probiotics, you’ll probably think Yakult or Vitagen — cultured milk drinks that aid in digestion. But have you heard of Kombucha?
Estimated to have originated from China thousands of years ago1 , it’s not exactly a newcomer in the health food scene, although its popularity has risen massively in recent years.
Kombucha’s health benefits — lock it in early
For the uninitiated, it’s a fermented sweetened tea drink known for its distinctive taste. Slightly tangy with a tart finish, it’s often consumed on its own after it’s been infused with fruit. For those who are feeling adventurous with their palate, kombucha can even be used as an ingredient in cocktails.
Not only is it refreshing, it’s also believed to have numerous health benefits. For one, like most fermented foods, kombucha is full of probiotics, which are good bacteria that help in maintaining a healthy gut. Secondly, the fermenting process produces vitamins B and C that benefits the drinker2. And finally, primarily made out of tea, it is rich in antioxidants which can reduce the risk of heart disease and relieve stress.
With so many long-term benefits, there’s no reason not to start drinking kombucha to lock in a healthier you earlier.
Brew it yourself — meet all your needs
While buying a bottle of kombucha at a cafe might seem like a pricey indulgence, worry not! Anyone can brew their own kombucha — all you need is some tea, sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast known as a scoby.
Like how sourdough bread has a ‘mother’ dough that kicks off the bread-making process, making your own kombucha requires a scoby to start the fermentation process. While its appearance can vary, they are typically round, flat, and gelatin-like.
The exciting part about making your own kombucha is that you have the flexibility to experiment with different flavours. Do you want something sweet like strawberry, tart like plum, or easy to drink like apple? You can add whichever fruits you like to create the taste you want — in a diced, sliced or pureed form — into the second fermentation phase, and you’ll have a kombucha that is catered specifically to your own preferences.
A rewarding hobby — grow your wealth
Considering how a bottle of kombucha can set you back by $6.903 or more, think about how much you’ll save if you start brewing your own. Not only that, it can be a fun new activity for you to try your hand at as well.
No kombucha brewers in your social circle to get a scoby and get started? Many small kombucha manufacturers do sell their scoby or even starter kits to consumers who want to try making it themselves.
There are also plenty of interest groups4 on social media with kombucha enthusiasts who would be more than happy to give you (for free) some of their scoby and starter tea (as well as a lot of advice).
Who knows, there might even come a day where you get a chance to turn your own kombucha into a home-based business opportunity. The popularity of kombucha is surging in Singapore after all, and your investment could reap you rewards as it grows over time.
Invest in your health and take care of your wealth
Whichever point in life you’re at, it’s always crucial for you to invest in yourself — you could start easily with a simple drink like kombucha. Promoting a good balance of bacteria in your digestive system, kombucha doesn’t just reduce your susceptibility to medical conditions5 such as ulcers and even colon cancer, it also protects you from falling sick by enhancing your immune system.
Just like with our health, we want to protect our wealth as best as we can. Are you looking for something as beneficial as kombucha in your portfolio? One that locks in coverage early, offers freedom and flexibility to be tailored to your needs and preferences, and allows you to grow your wealth?
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6 If the life assured dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled because of an accident before the cover end date, we will pay the highest of:
(a) the Sum Assured;
(b) the Wealth Assure Value; or
(c) the account value from the Initial Investment Account
plus the account value from the Additional Investment Account, less any outstanding amount payable and withdrawals.
7 Refers to the account value of the Initial Investment Account, adjusted for changes in the benefits or partial withdrawals, if any.
8 Coverage ends on the policy anniversary before the Life Assured turns 70.
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