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A glance at Singaporean collections

Are you a collector? Your collection could simply be of coins manufactured in different years, holiday momentos like fridge magnets and ticket stubs, or perhaps of specific collectors’ items like Funko Pop merchandise.
    Collections are as diverse as the different types of items we have in the world, and it seems like there’s much you should know. But why do it? Here are some reasons:
  • Monetary value: To possibly sell later
  • For sentimental value: Something they’ve always loved since young
  • Thrill of the hunt: The harder something is to obtain, or the more exclusive, the more rewarding it feels to possess it
  • Leave a legacy: To collect and pass on to the next generation as heirlooms
  • Historical value: You appreciate the rich history behind the items
Singaporean collections
Singapore might be a small country, but we have our fair of collectors here too.
Hello Kitty plushies and houses
Remember the Hello Kitty craze in the 2000s? People fought to collect all six designs of the pair of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel wedding sets from McDonald’s. Today, they are worth up to $9801 for the full Wedding set, more than 200 times its original price of $4.50. And with new collections being released2, perhaps the craze will pick up again.
But the point is, some people will do anything for their collections. For example, this Hello Kitty lover spent almost $1.2 million renovating her house3 with the theme. Think pink and white — everywhere.
A vault of shoes
For some it’s toys, for others, it’s shoes. This Singaporean sneakerhead even built a walk-in shoe vault to show off his collection4. He started collecting his shoes at 18, and each tells a story, he says. Today, he has about 100 pairs in his home.
Memorabilia of the Singaporean army
Speaking of home, another Singaporean’s collection shows his love for our country: SAF memorabilia5. Beginning after he enlisted in the National Service, today his collection is worth over $80,000 and includes badges, helmets, and uniforms — of the SAF and even those of the British and Japanese armies when they were here during World War II. Talk about being a true blue Singaporean.
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