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Prudential launches Singapore’s only standalone male-focused critical illness plan to meet rising demand from customers

Singapore, 19 May 2017 – Prudential Singapore has launched a male-focused critical illness (CI) plan, PRUman, to meet rising customer demand for such policies. This is the only standalone CI plan designed for men that is available in the market today.

According to a survey conducted by Prudential with its customers, more than eight in 10 of respondents polled1 shared that they would consider buying a standalone male-focused CI plan to protect their income in times of a health crisis. A standalone insurance policy is a product that can be bought separately from other plans, unlike a rider which has to be purchased as an addition to a main life or health insurance policy.

Apart from the survey’s findings, Prudential’s claims data also reflected a continuous rise in diagnoses for male-specific illnesses, such as prostate cancer, which supported the need for a focused standalone policy such as PRUman.

Notably, the number of claims and total claim amount by Prudential’s male policy holders diagnosed with male-specific illnesses, have been increasing over the past five years. Additionally, according to studies done by the Ministry of Health, one in four men are expected to develop cancer by the age of 75, with findings highlighting prostate cancer as one of the top three cancers diagnosed in men.

Ms. Angela Hunter, Chief Customer Officer at Prudential Singapore, said: “At Prudential, we deeply value all feedback from our customers and use health trends and consumer demand as key considerations when we develop a product. Our research has shown a supply-demand gap in the market with regards to male-focused insurance products, driving us to think of a solution that would provide improved coverage to our customers, at affordable prices.”

Similarly, claims for female-specific diseases, such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer, have been increasing over the years. In anticipation of the need for greater financial protection against such illnesses, Prudential introduced PRUlady, which provides enhanced protection against illnesses that women are more predisposed to with greater flexibility in pricing and coverage. PRUlady is an enhanced version of the incumbent PRUsmart Lady II, covering a total of 12 medical conditions, as compared to 10 previously.

Ms. Hunter said: “The specific needs of each and every customer are important to us. We recognise that many people tend to stop work when diagnosed with critical illnesses. With PRUman and PRUlady, we want to ensure that our customers have the financial peace of mind to focus on their health recovery in the event of a health crisis.”

The objective of each plan is to provide comprehensive coverage specific to each gender’s needs, and key benefits of the respective plans are as follows:

Key Benefits
PRUman PRUlady
  • Only standalone male-focused CI plan currently available in Singapore
  • Comprehensive coverage specific for men
  • Hassle-free application, with no medical examination required (applicants only need to answer five health questions)
  • Provides biennial medical screening
  • Premium waiver benefit (waives premiums for up to 36 months if there is a male illness benefit claim of at least 50% of the sum assured)
  • Comprehensive coverage specific for women
  • Hassle-free application, with no medical examination required (applicants only need to answer nine health questions)
  • Provides biennial medical screening
  • Premium waiver benefit (waives premiums for up to 36 months if there is a female illness benefit claim of at least 50% of the sum assured)
  • Maternity Cover Plus (an optional add-on for coverage against pregnancy complications)

Source: Prudential

1 Survey findings were based on responses from 206 customers and conducted by strategy and marketing consultancy, Simon Kucher & Partners.


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