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Prudential Launches Innovative Protection Plan With Pre & Postnatal Coverage - PRU first gift

  • The first of its kind launched in Singapore, PRU first gift bundles two thoughtful plans to provide seamless protection for both mother and baby from pregnancy till after childbirth
  • Expectant mothers are covered for Pregnancy Complications, Death, Total and Permanent Disability, and Terminal Illness immediately upon policy inception without any waiting period 1
  • Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Terminal Illness, Critical Illness, Congenital Illness Coverage and Hospital Care Benefits for the child starts automatically and immediately when the child is born. No underwriting is required 1

(Singapore - 15 June 2010)

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited ("Prudential Singapore") today introduces PRU first gift, a market-leading innovative plan that provides seamless protection coverage to both expectant mothers and their yet-to-be born babies from pregnancy to after childbirth immediately upon policy inception. The first offering of its kind in Singapore, PRU first gift protects the mother and baby during pregnancy and extends its coverage to a protection and investment plan for the child starting from the day he or she is born.

Prior to the debut of PRU first gift, common insurance products for newborn currently available in the market typically allow parents to insure their bundle of joy after childbirth, subject to underwriting procedures. In addition, women usually had to insure themselves for maternity cover 10 months before they are pregnant.

PRU first gift now gives parents peace of mind by allowing them to present their first gift of love to their child from as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy. It covers the mother against Pregnancy Complications, Death, Total and Permanent Disability, and Terminal Illness immediately upon policy inception without any waiting period while the yet-to-be born baby is also covered against Death 1. Parents expecting twins will also enjoy coverage against Pregnancy Complications 1.

Upon childbirth, PRU first gift automatically covers the child for Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Terminal Illness, Critical Illness and Congenital Conditions as well as Hospital Care benefits without having to go through underwriting 1. These coverage and benefits will be extended to twins as well. This first gift of love also helps parents to give their child a real head start in life - by planning for his or her future protection needs, with the flexibility to also plan for education and savings needs through investment which begins even before the child is born.

Quoting a recent newspaper article, more women are postponing childbirth and older women tend to have more problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Both conditions can occur in women not known to previously have the disease and can adversely affect the baby, causing premature delivery or foetal death (Source: The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, 15 April 2010 "Blue Mums"). According to KK Women's and Children's Hospital in a separate article (Source: My Paper article dated 9 May 2008), congenital defects such as hole in the heart and Down's Syndrome affect one to two per cent of pregnancies. Almost 200 babies are diagnosed with birth defects in the hospital annually.

"Having observed the risks of labour complications associated with the trend of delaying childbirth, we understand the potential financial distress to parents with children excluded from insurance coverage because of birth defects. As one of the leading insurers, Prudential Singapore recognises that the need to provide comprehensive coverage for both mother and child from pregnancy to post childbirth is vital to giving parents peace of mind at the height of their financial vulnerability," said Mr. Tomas Urbanec, Chief Marketing Officer of Prudential Singapore.

"Innovation is and has always been a hallmark of Prudential Singapore and we are very proud to score yet another first in the market by introducing PRU first gift - a plan that widens the safety net for expectant women and extends it to their children as well. At Prudential Singapore, we understand that parents will always want the best for their child. To make that possible, we will continue to bring quality products that address real needs in our society and benefit our consumers," he added.

PRU first gift is a bundle of two thoughtful plans, namely PRU mum2be and PRU link protection account. Supplementary benefits, added on to the child's plan within the first year from the date of birth, to enhance the child's insurance coverage will give parents a one-time, 20% discount off first-year premiums 1.


Additional key benefits 1 of PRU first gift at a glance:

  • Lump sum payout of $5,000 per child for Congenital Illnesses
  • Reimbursement of Hospital Care Benefit of $100 a day up to a limit of $2,500 for any of the following conditions:
    • Incubation of newborn child for more than three consecutive days immediately following birth
    • Premature childbirth requiring Neonatal ICU
    • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease requiring in-patient hospitalisation


About Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited

Prudential Singapore is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore and is a wholly owned subsidiary of UK-based Prudential plc. As one of the market leaders in investment-linked plans, Prudential Singapore has over S$7.9 billion funds managed under PRU Link funds as at 31 December 2009. With a dedicated team of approximately 3,800 financial consultants and over 600 employees, Prudential Singapore has been serving the needs of more than 600,000 policyholders with over 1.3 million policies for almost 80 years in Singapore.

Prudential Singapore is the first life insurer in Singapore named Asia's Life Insurance Company of the Year in 2000. Prudential Singapore won Gold Award in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands for three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009. Most recently, Prudential Singapore also won the May Day Model Partnership Award 2009.

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