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“Stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy as we often do not know what is ahead for us.”

Gao Wen
Senior Financial Services Manager

10 years ago, I worked as an engineer specialising in Marine Offshore Engineering. I had to leave the house early in the morning and would only return home in the wee hours. I really enjoyed my work, but things started to change after I started my own family.

I decided to do a career switch as I needed more time to take care of my children and spend time with my family. I believe striking a work life balance is a big challenge for all mothers, especially working mothers.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy, as we often do not know what is ahead for us. Starting out as a Financial Consultant, I faced a lot of questions from my friends, family and clients. At one point, I started doubting if I had made the correct choice. Thankfully, I have an encouraging leader who overcame all the difficulties with me throughout this journey. I felt extremely proud of myself when I closed my very first case. All the rejections helped me grow to who I am today. I have learned how to build rapport, sharpen my intellectual skills and help to protect someone else’s family. I also learned how to strike a balance between my career and my family.

Prudential provides us with strong recruitment support to help grow our team and attract more people to join us. The wide range of products and innovative sales system made it easy for newbies to start confidently.

I would like to thank Prudential for allowing me to achieve work life balance. I am able to make an ideal income while still spending quality time with my family. It can be tough for working mothers to take care of the family and children, but with Prudential, I need not worry about that. I am really grateful that I am being able to do it and be a role model to my daughters.

“Stop doubting yourself, stay focused and make it happen.”

Damien Tan
Senior Financial Consultant

After I graduated, I was a business development executive in the government sector. The workload was manageable with a stable income. However, I felt that work was getting mundane, and I was not recognised for the work that I do. There was a lack of ability to take control of what I want in my career. After much consideration, I decided to make a career switch over to the sales industry as a financial consultant.

Like many of my peers, I was sceptical about the sales industry. I had doubts in myself whether I can survive the competition. Things were moving at a crazy pace and the learning curve was steep. With my mentor’s guidance, I managed to overcome my fears and became open minded towards learning different skillsets which I can apply in both my career and personal growth. I realized that if we can master the framework that my mentor taught us, we are able to provide tremendous value to our clients and build long-term relationships with them. By developing a positive mindset and removing the fear of failure, we can learn to overcome any challenges in our life.

As a financial consultant, I have met people from all walks of life that have given me opportunities. I would like to thank my clients for giving me the chance to serve them. In fact, this career has made me value the relationships in my life more by forging better connections with family, friends and clients.

There are always many trainings and opportunities for me to develop and build this business to better serve my clients especially with the support from Prudential and my agency leader. This is more than just a sales career; we have a direct impact in our customers’ lives, and this is what makes our career meaningful and fulfilling.

“Go where you are celebrated!”

Wendy Tan
Senior Financial Consultant

I was previously an account manager in one of the world’s biggest freights forwarding company for seven years before joining the Prudential family. I’m grateful for all the experiences and skills I’ve gained over those years as I can put them to good use as a financial consultant.

I decided to do a mid-career switch to become a financial consultant because I have seen and experienced the catastrophic consequences when one needs financial help. Since then, I have become a strong advocate for financial planning.

The initial transition was tough. Other than coping with rejections, there were a lot of self-doubt. Additionally, with the social stigma, I was afraid to lose friends. In fact, because of this limiting belief, I was a ‘secret agent’.

Thankfully, I overcame these obstacles and have fostered a lot of valuable new relationships and strengthened my ties with friends. The trust and words of encouragement from my clients motivate me to work harder and today, I am proud of what I do.

With sheer hard work and trust from clients, I achieved MDRT within my first three months. This wouldn’t be possible without the support from Prudential and my Agency Leader. I was lucky to have met an agency leader who has his agency as top priority. He was there for me whenever I needed help and coached me to ensure I am well-equipped with accurate and relevant knowledge so I can translate it to people I meet.

To anyone considering a career as a financial consultant, my advice is to genuinely care for people because they can sense your sincerity. Rejections are a form of redirection, so don’t doubt yourself because you never know what you’re capable of. Also, being self-employed means you have a flexible schedule, so discipline is salient. Lastly, go where you are celebrated!

“This is a place I can call home.”

Sim Wei Min
Financial Consultant

Growing up I dreamt of being a teacher, police officer, soldier or the best hawker in Singapore, the list went on. Someone told me, if I work hard, the fastest way to become rich is to become a property agent, car dealer, or an insurance agent. I started exploring and at age 25, I eventually became a Prudential Financial Consultant.

After years in the industry, having to meet peers from all around, I realised that Prudential is one of the best. In terms of business leads generation support, technology, compensations and mentorship programmes, I am glad to witness the journey of its growth. Another bonus for me is that Prudential’s branding has strong appeal to the Affluent and High Net Worth market, which happens to be my main target segment.

With the support I received, I am able to balance my career and passion of helping others plan their finances and assisting homeless cats and dogs. I’m able to spend time caring for four beloved senior cats that I had picked up from the streets when they were little kittens. This organisation has made me rich not just in monetary sense but in every sense of the word. This is a place I can call home.

I urge you to reach out to us and find what this home is like for yourself. I hope to meet you at Prudential one day.