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"Do not be afraid to try and do not be afraid to fail."

Allen Du
Executive Financial Consultant

I worked as a night shift Engineering Specialist at Seagate Singapore back in 2005. After I completed my IT Bachelor’s Degree in 2010, I was promoted to Software Engineer, working from Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm.

I decided to switch careers because my wife was pregnant in 2018 and I wanted to have more flexible working hours to take care of her and my family. I also wanted to step out of my comfort zone and protect more lives.

When I first started out as a financial consultant, I had no financial background and was not good in selling. So, I received a lot of objections and rejections. However, I had a very supportive Agency Leader to stand by my side and assist me whenever I needed help. He led me to understand the importance of proper financial planning and my role in helping and protecting others.

Now I manage my own schedule and can be with my family whenever I want. I can go on holiday trips with them anytime. My financial independence also meant I have no more major financial worries.

To excel in this career, you should understand what you really want and set your personal daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals. Do not be afraid to try and do not be afraid to fail. Take the chance to improve and prove yourself.

"The key about starting all over again was about survival."


Jaslyn Ng
Financial Services Director

I was in corporate Human Resources for 11 years and decided that I wanted to stay in Singapore and not go on work trips anymore. So, I became a financial consultant.

Starting out was not easy, I faced scepticism from others as well as fighting my own inner demons like self-doubt. At times, I would question myself “Can I make it, or what if I fail? What if my friends start avoiding me? How will it feel to be starting from scratch all over again, like a newbie?”. It’s akin to you being a runner but suddenly you are thrown into the deep sea to learn to swim and then is expected to become one of the best swimmers. I realised, the key about starting all over again was about survival.

Since my career switch, I have gained more friends and most importantly, I know that I have helped to protect their family members as a financial consultant. This is so much more impactful than just doing a corporate role. My biggest gain was to be able to find my optimal balance amongst my life pillars: Family, Career, Health, Mentoring and Self Development.

Prudential provided me with a structure and various trainings that helped me to accelerate my steep learning curves in understanding the comprehensive range of products. Together with a great mentor, I was able to reach my targets.

Since joining four years ago, my children have a better idea of my work. In short, I tell them that Mummy protects lives.

"I wanted to be in a position where I can help people more preventively."


Joyce Chan
Financial Services Manager

Prior to joining this profession, I was a commissioned police officer with the Singapore Police Force. Being a police officer was a childhood dream and, in that career, I learnt many important life skills and I’ll always look back at it with fondness.

I chose to be a financial consultant because I wanted to be in a position where I can help people more preventively and be in a role where I can advise people on how to plan and secure their finances, preventing lamentable situations at a later stage.

We all experience rejections daily, bravely facing the stigma of the term “Financial Consultant” and doing our very best to show people the value of our work. It’s a challenging but rewarding role.

I now have better relationships with my family, my friends and even with my clients who became my friends. It is now my job to be constantly updated on my friends’ lives, which is fulfilling. I measure my life based on the quality of the relationships I have and right now, I truly have the best life possible.

Being self-employed also means that I am fully responsible for every success and failure that come my way. Therefore, I am constantly motivated to be better and more accountable to myself and the people around me. In many ways, I feel that this profession has truly made me a better person.

"Make an income while making an impact."


Pearly Yeo
Financial Services Director

I was an air stewardess with Singapore International Airlines and it fulfilled a childhood ambition. While I learnt a lot working for this world-renowned airline, I felt like I was not in control. Every month I was waiting for my roster which unilaterally decided my destinations and off-days. I was never in Singapore on important family occasions.

I wanted to be somewhere I can be recognised for my effort and hard work. Being a financial consultant gives me the opportunity to plan my own schedule as an entrepreneur so that I am still able to set aside time for my loved ones.

What people often say about losing friends when you become a financial consultant is not true! As a financial consultant, I have gained more friends than ever! More importantly, I have built valuable relationships with these new friends who come from all walks of life.

As an Agency Leader, my greatest fulfilment is when I see my financial consultants transform into a much more confident, knowledgeable people who are able to overcome any challenge with a positive and strong mindset.

I owe everything that I have today to Prudential and my mentor. Prudential’s Management Associate Programme gave me a base to build my business upon. There are always tons of opportunities to learn, upgrade and become better. Prudential is a company that invests heavily in its people and infrastructure to make processes better.

This career is meaningful. You get to make an income while making an impact.

"Keep an open and learning mind, and just do."


Peiyi Tang
Executive Financial Consultant

I was an auditor and then a financial analyst before I did my career switch to join Prudential as a financial consultant. I felt that the financial analyst role was not something I can imagine myself doing for the rest of my life. I came across an article on why people switch careers and it’s mainly because of the lack of Meaning, Mentor or Money in our career. For me, it was the lack of Meaning and Mentor, and I felt that the mundane role didn’t allow me to grow.

As a financial consultant, I faced multiple rejections. In the beginning, every “No” felt personal and only through experience and time in this industry that I’ve learnt, it was never about me – and it made me feel a lot better. In the past three years with Prudential, I felt that I’ve matured so much in terms of managing my own thoughts, emotions and managing my relationships with people. I feel that these are key in having a successful career in this industry.

My greatest sense of fulfilment was when I achieved, in my third year as a financial consultant, the MDRT Top of the Table, which is the highest level of recognition and membership one can achieve within this industry globally.

My advice for new financial consultants is that they should focus on implementing things immediately upon learning, as that is the fastest way to grow and improve. Keep an open and learning mind, and just do.