Empowering your adulting journey with confidence and pride.

Introducing PRUVibes

Welcome to PRUVibes, the tailored perks programme designed around your lifestyle. PRUVibes offers you a spectrum of exciting benefits spanning health, knowledge, and skill development, all aimed at empowering you with the tools you need to slay adulting. And guess what? It’s all FREE! Your journey to #ProudlyGrownUp starts here.

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How do I become eligible for PRUVibes perks?

Are you a young adult1 with a Prudential policy? Then you’re eligible for PRUVibes! Your move to secure your policy wasn’t just a smart choice – it’s also your gateway to a lineup of awesome perks exclusively curated to help you adult like a boss. After all, being #ProudlyGrownUp has its perks!

Get in on the action. Be part of our adulting1 community to enjoy the perks of PRUVibes today!

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Aged between 21 - 29 years old.

PRUVibes – Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is PRUVibes?
    1. PRUVibes is a curated perks programme designed exclusively for first jobbers, supporting their unique needs as they transition into adulthood and work towards achieving their goals.
  2. Who is entitled to PRUVibes?
    1. All existing Prudential customers aged between 21 to 29 years old.
  3. How would I be notified of PRUVibes?
    1. You will be notified via PRUVibes communications (EDM/SMS) or from our Prudential Financial Representatives.
  4. Are there any fees or charges to PRUVibes?
    1. PRUVibes are completely free of charge.
  5. Will new First Jobber policyholders be extended PRUVibes perks?
    1. Yes, PRUVibes communications (EDM/SMS) are scheduled monthly (last working day of the month) for new First Jobber policyholders.

True Group

  1. What is the promotion offer from True Group?
    1. Customers who are new to the respective clubs can receive its respective complimentary access:
      1. True Fitness: Free 7-day access for up to 3 pax
        1. Valid for 7 continuous days to any True Fitness club
        2. Total value at $294
      2. TFX: Free 3-day access for up to 3 pax
        1. Valid for 3 continuous days to any TFX club
        2. Total value at $450
      3. Yoga Edition: Free 2-sessions for up to 2 pax
        1. 2 sessions to be utilized within 7 days
        2. Redeemable at only 1 Yoga Edition Location, Either Millenia Walk or Novena
        3. Total value at $180
    2. Customers can enjoy these extra benefits from regular-priced membership purchase for all brands:
      1. True Fitness: Extra 1 month access to True Fitness, with 1 Personal training (with Fitness Assessment) + 3 sessions at Yoga Edition
        1. Yoga Edition: Redeemable at only 1 Yoga Edition Location, Either Millenia Walk or Novena
        2. Total value at $425
      2. TFX: Extra 1 month access to TFX, with 1 Personal Training (with Fitness Assessment) + 3 sessions at Yoga Edition
        1. Yoga Edition: Redeemable at only 1 Yoga Edition Location, Either Millenia Walk or Novena
        2. Total value at $445
      3. Yoga Edition: Extra 3 sessions + 1 month access to True Fitness or TFX
        1. Yoga Edition: Redeemable at only 1 Yoga Edition Location, Either Millenia Walk or Novena
        2. Total value from $365
  2. What is the promotion validity period?
    1. The promotion is valid from 22 June 2024 to 31 July 2025.
  3. How can the customer redeem the offers?
    1. Step 1 : Register
      1. Click on the respective sign-up links to register your details. True Fitness / TFX / Yoga Edition will contact you to arrange a workout or class date/time of your preference.
    2. Step 2 : Arrive Early
      1. Kindly arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
    3. Step 3 : Enjoy
      1. Upon arrival at the venue, please present the email sent by Prudential Singapore, along with the Customer’s name and Photo ID (i.e. NRIC), to identify yourself as a Prudential Customer and enjoy the promotional rates.

Mentorship Programme

  1. What is a mentorship programme?
    1. It is a 6-week Mentorship Programme where mentors and mentees get to connect with one another in fun, engaging and flexible settings, as they engage with insights on career, personal development, life and more!
  2. Who are the mentors?
    1. We have more than 80 mentors hailing from diverse industries and backgrounds, which includes – i.e. Banking and Finance, Cybersecurity, Technology, Education, and more.
  3. What if I didn’t get to match with a mentor?
    1. If a participant doesn't get matched with a suitable mentor in the current run of the program, we will keep the participant in mind for future runs. This means that the participant's mentorship needs are not overlooked or dismissed. We will continue to make attempts to match the participant with an appropriate mentor.
  4. How will I be notified if there is a match or no match?
    1. You will be notified of the outcome via Email/SMS.
  5. How does the mentorship programme work?
    1. The Mentorship Programme will start on 19 October 2023, where we’ll be having a Mentorship Welcome Dinner. In 6 weeks (October 2023 – December 2023), you will meet your mentor for up to 3 coffee chats, in fun, engaging and flexible settings.
    2. Through these sessions, you get to:
      1. Connect and engage with industry experts and professionals, in a 1:1 or small-group settings.
      2. Develop greater clarity in your professional and personal journey.
      3. Expose yourself to new and different perspectives.
      4. Identify skills and experiences to prepare yourself for as you enter the working world.
  6. Can I sign up for the mentorship programme more than once?
    1. Absolutely! You're welcome to enroll in the mentorship programme multiple times.
  7. How many intakes are there for each mentorship programme?
    1. We have 50 slots available for each mentorship programme.
  8. Will my information be kept private?
    1. Yes. The information shared between mentor and mentee will be kept private and will not be shared.
  9. Am I allowed to continue to keep in contact with my mentor?
    1. Mentors and mentees can (and should) continue to connect, outside of this programme.

Design Thinking Workshop

  1. What is a design thinking workshop?
    1. A design thinking workshop is a collaborative session where a diverse group defines a problem, empathizes with users, generates ideas, prototypes, tests, iterates, and develops an action plan for solutions.
  2. How will I benefit from the design thinking workshop?
    1. Benefit from a design thinking workshop by honing creative problem-solving, prioritising user needs, and improving collaboration skills, resulting in innovative, user-centric solutions to complex challenges.
  3. How many participants can take part in the workshop?
    1. The workshop can allow up to 80 participants.
  4. Do I need to bring anything (i.e. Laptop) for the workshop?
    1. This will be a hands-on activity and you won't need to bring a laptop.
  5. What will be covered during the workshop?
    1. An introduction to design thinking using the LUMA system to help you innovate from design to delivery.
  6. Will food and drinks be provided during the workshop?
    1. Yes, refreshments and lunch will be provided.
  7. Can I bring a friend along for the workshop?
    1. Yes, of course! The more the merrier. You can indicate that you are bringing along a friend in the registration form.
  8. Can I sign up for the workshop more than once?
    1. Absolutely! You’re welcome to enroll in the workshop multiple times. Keep an eye out for various topics and focus areas to maximize your learning and engagement.
  9. Will I receive certification after the workshop is completed?
    1. Yes, a certification will be awarded by Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
  10. Is there a test in order to be certified?
    1. In this workshop, there is no formal test. However, to receive the certificate, active participation and attendance for the entire session are required.