Career Tracks

Whether you’re a first-jobber or looking to switch careers, there’s an opportunity with Prudential to get the Freedom to Be who you’re meant to be.

Remuneration Packages

Management Associate Programme (MAP)
For undergraduates, fresh graduates and mid-career switchers.
  • Up to 36-month kickstart package*
For mid-career switchers preferably with a minimum of 5 years of sales/managerial experience and a last drawn salary of ≤ S$6,500
  • Base allowance: up to S$15,000
  • Performance Bonus available*
*Terms & conditions apply. Commissions & incentives are payable based on individual performance. For more details on rewards & benefits, contact us at here.

Career Progression

You have the Freedom to Be who you want to be in life; whether that means joining Prudential Singapore or Prudential Financial Advisers (PFA) to achieve your goals.

You can even choose between taking the Leadership or Professional route. At Prudential, you have the power to steer towards a path that works best for you.

If you’re interested, click here.

Prudential Financial Representative Career Track

Make your choice of going down a Leadership or Professional route.

Prudential Financial Adviser (PFA) Career Track

Choose between driving towards a Leadership or Professional track.