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Request for PRULink Investments Fund Reports (Hardcopy)

The online copies of the PRULink Investments Fund Reports are available for download here.

Please complete the form below and indicate if you wish to receive the hard copies of PRULink Investments Fund Reports for this current report, or this current report and all future reports. Policyholders who have indicated their interest to receive the current hard copy report and all future reports since August 2018 will continue to receive the reports.

Policyholders who have submitted their online requests will receive the hard copies of PRULink Investments Half Year 2019 fund report from end of August 2019.*

Hard copies of the PRULink Investments Fund Reports will be mailed to your then latest mailing address in our records when they are made available.

*Policyholders who submit their request after 30 September 2019 will not be receiving PRULink Investments Half Year 2019 fund report.

All fields are mandatory.
Please omit all dashes and spacing when entering the Policy Number.

If you are unable to submit your request, please email with your Name and Policy Number instead.

Please note that the hard copy of the fund report is only applicable for all PRULink Policyholders only. To view the reports online, please go to