3 Tips to Stay On Top of Your Mental and Physical Game

Embrace a healthy lifestyle and stay at your mental and physical peak by taking care of your mind and body.

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Wellness is becoming an increasingly important part of an affluent lifestyle — studies show that 76 percent of successful people exercise aerobically four times a week. In addition, a University of Georgia study revealed that people who exercise regularly are more able to achieve their goals, which is key for high achievers.

Here are some tips to stay at your peak both physically and mentally.

Stand up for a healthier lifestyle

Prolonged sitting is a chronic problem facing many working adults today, which could drastically increase your risk of developing life-threatening ailments and impairs fat burning and blood circulation. Worse, studies have found that physical activity does not cancel out the negative effects of excessive sitting.

Who knew that leading a healthier lifestyle could be as simple as standing up more? Standing has been shown to improve blood circulation, burn more calories, increase your metabolism and promote better posture

Encourage yourself and your co-workers to stand more throughout the day by arranging standing or walking meetings, which have been shown to promote more creativity and engagement. You could also opt for a standing desk or set reminders in your calendar to get up and stretch your legs every hour or so.

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Keep active to keep the doctor away

Many of us struggle to find time for exercise. However, any physical activity is better than none to reap health benefits such as lowering your risk of chronic heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Some experts recommend about 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five times a week. Moderate activity should get you breathing noticeably faster and speed up your heart rate. As well as a gym session, you can squeeze in exercise throughout the day by parking your car a little further from the office and walking the extra distance; or taking the often-ignored stairs next to the escalator. Stuck on solving a problem at work? Go for a quick 10-minute walk around your office. Not only does this keep you physically active, it can help spark creativity.

Aerobic exercise builds your physical fitness by training your heart and lungs. It can be of moderate to high intensity and include activities like running, swimming and cycling.

As well as helping us to feel fitter and stronger, exercise can also do wonders for your brainpower. One recent study showed that adults who went through a six-month regime of four weekly exercise sessions showed significant improvements in mental function. The new research also found that vigorous exercise can boost thinking skills in adults aged 20 to 67. So, it’s never too late to start.

Feed your body

The benefits of joining an exclusive gym are many, including grab-and-go healthy meals and fitness trainers and consultations that can help you better understand your body while discovering what kinds of exercises work best for you.

It just takes a little discipline to fit in a quick workout at lunchtime, or before or after work. Find what works best for you and make exercise part of your daily routine.

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A state of zen: get mindful about mindfulness

It’s not just our bodies that need to be taken care of. Mental health is equally important for our overall well-being, especially if we frequently experience high levels of stress. A recent survey found that over half of Singaporean workers reported an increase in stress over the last six months, with long working hours often resulting in burnout.

Mindfulness, the mental practice of being aware of your present state, can help create more balance and well-being in our hectic world. It can combat the toll that stress can take on your mind and body, which include mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, unhealthy sleep habits and premature ageing. Better mental health can reduce your levels of anxiety, give you a more positive outlook on life and improve health and immunity.

As part of your daily mindfulness routine, try some deep breathing exercises. Simply focus on nothing but your breathing for a couple of minutes; notice how your chest expands and consciously feel the air flow through your nose and mouth.

Take it a step further with meditation. Mindful meditation refers to the practice of focusing your attention on a single point of reference. It has been shown to have positive effects on managing anxiety and stress. Spend 20 minutes a day clearing your mind and training your attention on being present in the “here and now” instead of fretting over your impending tasks.

Meditating can make a big difference to your day. Apps including Headspace and Stop, Breathe and Think can help you get started while apps such as Calm share breathing techniques to help you relax.

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