Supplier Code of Conduct


As part of our purpose to – For every life, for every future – Prudential is committed to conducting our business dealings with our vendors to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity. This Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) sets out the minimum standard of behaviour that Prudential expects of our Suppliers, in addition to the provisions of any commercial terms agreed between Prudential and our Supplier. The Code applies to all providers of goods and services – and their employees – in their work with Prudential through a contractual agreement or purchase order. Suppliers are encouraged to communicate these principles to their own suppliers.

For the purpose of this document the terms:

“Suppliers” includes suppliers, subcontractors, service providers, distributors, professional service providers, consultants, intermediaries and agents.

“Bribery” means any offering or accepting a financial advantage that is intended to induce or reward the improper performance, or non-performance of a business or public function, this includes both offering, promising or giving a bribe as well as requesting, agreeing to receive, or accepting a bribe.

“Corruption” means the abuse of entrusted power or public office.

Business Integrity

Suppliers are to behave ethically and with integrity in all their business dealings. Likewise, they are not to tolerate any form of Bribery or Corruption. Suppliers must comply with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations and ensure that all reports, records, and invoices are complete and accurate and not false or misleading. Prudential expects its suppliers to avoid and strictly prohibit bribery and corruption in any form. Suppliers must not:

  • accept, pay, offer or authorise bribes, either directly or indirectly, under any circumstances. This includes never seeking to improperly influence or bribe a Prudential employee, customer, or public official (including foreign public officials) or any other individual or entity;
  • offer or make facilitation payments, nor permit others to offer or make such payments on their behalf. Facilitation payments are bribes paid to public officials to speed up non-discretionary bureaucratic processes and access services to which the payer is lawfully entitled;

Gifts and Hospitality

Suppliers must not offer or accept hospitality or gifts that may improperly influence business decisions of Prudential, our customers or other third parties. Suppliers must report to Prudential if an employee of Prudential requests any undue gifts and hospitality or advantage.

Human Rights

Prudential believes that everyone is to be treated with dignity and respect. Suppliers are to support and respect the protection of human rights according to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ensure that they are not complicit in any human rights abuse throughout their own supply chain.


Prudential believes that our people are our greatest asset. In that sense, protecting and respecting people are part of our business responsibilities. In regard to the Supplier’s business operations where labour is required, Prudential expects its supplies to adhere to the following:

  • No child labour or forced labour should be present in Suppliers’ business operations and processes. Prudential takes a strong stance against the use of child labour and forced labour and this will be a consideration when we select and evaluate new and existing suppliers.
  • Diversity and inclusion should be promoted within the Supplier’s workplace. Any forms of discrimination (gender, race, religion, age, and sexual orientation), harassment, or bullying in our business interactions or during the hiring process should be eliminated. We expect our people to treat one another with care and respect, and we also expect our Suppliers to show the same.
  • Your workplace culture is to be safe and conducive. Appreciate employees for their contributions and provide adequate support when possible.

Health and Safety at the Workplace

Suppliers are to adhere to all applicable health and safety regulations and standards in the workplace, and implement all precautions to protect the health and safety of their employees and workers.

Environmental Sustainability

Prudential recognises the impact our business and industry have on the environment and we are actively taking efforts to reduce our environmental footprint through our ESG policies. Businesses play a key role in slowing down the effects of climate change, hence, Suppliers are expected to:

  • support and promote environmental protection, and to comply with local environmental laws and regulations.
  • Promote greater environmental responsibility and support us in the use of goods and services which help mitigate environmental impact, as well as better managing and utilising resources such as energy, paper, water and waste.
  • Promote the development and distribution of environmentally-friendly technologies.

Raising Concerns

If any employee of a Supplier has an actual or potential concern, they are encouraged to inform Prudential through its whistleblowing channels. Potential concerns can be raised anonymously and in confidence via SpeakOut ( that is available globally and independently administered by an external organisation. The Group adopts a zero tolerance for retaliation against reporters of any concerns raised through Speak Out.