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Important Notice for all PRUShield Customers

1. MediShield Life Benefits Changes and Premium Adjustment

  • Effective 1 March 2021, the benefits for MediShield Life (MSHL) will be enhanced.
  • MediShield Life premiums will see an increase in tandem with rising medical costs.
  • To help Singaporeans and PRs manage the change, a COVID-19 Subsidy for MSHL premiums will be introduced to partially offset premium increases for the first 2 years.

Please refer to this infographic for a quick summary of the MediShield Life Benefits Changes and Premium Adjustment. You may also refer to the Ministry of Health announcement for details.

Impact on PRUShield total premiums

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (SC/PR) - Integrated Shield Plan

As an Integrated Shield plan's premium comprises of MediShield Life and a private insurance portion, while there will be no changes to the premiums for the PRUShield (private insurance) component, there will be an increase in total premiums for PRUShield plan(s).

Click here for the lastest premium table.

Foreigners (FR) - Non-integrated Shield plan

Foreigners' PRUShield plans are considered Non-Integrated Shield plans.

However, as Foreigners’ premiums are rated against SC/PR’s premiums, the premiums payable by Foreigners will need to be re-rated to align to the SC/PR’s premiums.

Click here for the latest premium table.

Other PRUShield Changes

Effective March 2021, there will be 2 alignments for the PRUShield suite between foreigner and SC/PR plans.

Refer to this infographic for a quick summary

Frequently Asked Questions

2. Industry-wide Transition to Co-Pay Integrated Shield Plan Riders

In 2018, the Ministry of Health announced guidelines for policyholders to co-pay a minimum of 5% on medical claims made from their Integrated Shield Plan (IP) riders, to help address rising healthcare and health insurance costs in Singapore.

In line with these guidelines and to ensure that we can continue to sustainably provide affordable coverage to our customers, the following changes will take effect on 1 April 2021. You may also check out our infographic for an overview of the changes.

Impact on Transition cohort (8 March 2018 – 31 March 2019)

Those who purchased a plan from 8 March 2018 to 31 March 2019 will transition to riders with co-payment starting 1 April 2021.

With the new co-payment riders, you will need to make a minimum of 5% co-payment on bills relating to hospitalisation, outpatient treatments or day surgery. If treatments are sought from our preferred healthcare providers, this co-payment will be capped at S$3,000, to protect you against large bills.

You will also enjoy an average of 3% - 15% premium savings on your riders, depending on which rider you have.

You may wish to check out this infographic for a summary of the impact on the transition cohort.

Impact on riders purchased before 8 March 2018

Those who purchased riders before 8 March 2018, Health Insurance Task Force (HITF) recommended that insurers incorporate suitable claims-cost control measures as well.

PRUExtra Premier Saver Rider will transition to PRUExtra Premier Lite

Customers who have the PRUExtra Premier Saver rider will transition to the PRUExtra Premier Lite rider which requires customers to make a co-payment for private and public hospital claims.

With the co-payment feature, customers will enjoy an average of 12% premium savings.

Check out this infographic for more details.

Introduction of Claims-Based Pricing for PRUExtra Plus

To align with recommendations from the HITF, we will be introducing a simplified claims-based pricing structure for PRUExtra Plus. Under the claims-based pricing structure, customers who do not make a claim in the policy year will receive a PRUWell Reward (discount on your Standard Level premiums) in the following year, while customers with a claim will see an increase in their premiums in the following year. With the implementation of the simplified claims-based pricing structure from 1 April 2021, the coverage for PRUExtra Plus purchased before 8 March 2018 will remain the same (i.e. full coverage, with no co-payment)

You may check out this infographic for more information on this.

For more information on the Claims Based Pricing please click here.

For more information on the transition changes and the benefits, please visit our FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions