4 ways to become more positive at work

Is work getting you down? Are deadlines making it hard to breathe? Here are a few brain hacks to get your positivity back on track.

Happiness is a choice — but unfortunately, it does not come as easy as one may think. It is not something that you can just buy, like having mee goreng and chendol for dinner on a Friday night because you feel like it. In fact, just like following a fitness routine or eating healthy, happiness, too, takes hard work.

Nowhere else is this more pertinent than in the office. Most of us spend more than half of our waking hours at the office, sending emails, attending meetings, meeting deadlines — you know the drill. Some may even go as far as calling this daily routine 'soul crushing'. However, it really does not need to be this way.

Here are a few handy tips to keep your chin up at work because after all, a little positivity can go a long way!

1. Start on the Right Foot

Nobody likes to wake up earlier than they need to on a weekday — but what if it means a little more ‘me time’? Just an hour or two of doing something you love in the morning goes a long way towards setting the mood for the rest of the day. Maybe you want to spend some time with a book, take a walk in the neighbourhood park or even set aside a few minutes to savour your morning coffee. Whatever your chosen activity may be, take this chance to set the tone for the day. Just make sure you go to bed earlier at night, so that you get enough sleep!

2. Practice Gratitude

When work comes hard and fast, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a minute to think about the little things that you are thankful for. Be grateful that you are gainfully employed and happily married, or even find happiness in something as simple as being greeted by the neighbour’s dog in the morning. Practicing gratitude in the midst of a stressful situation immediately changes your perspective.

3. Find the Right Crowd

Sure, it can be fun to complain about your work with colleagues from time to time, but negativity is contagious. The good news is that positivity, too, rubs off on people. If you want to stay positive at work, hang out with colleagues who are just as positive as you are.

4. Positive Posture

This may sound unorthodox, but give it a shot. The mind and body can work together in amazing ways sometimes. The next time you feel negativity coming on, stand or sit up straight, pull your shoulders back and push your chest out. Carry yourself with this ‘positive posture’ and you may find your mind and mood following suit. How do you expect to remain positive if you are going to slouch in your chair all day?

A negative mindset can affect your work in a bad way. Start changing things around today for a better tomorrow.


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